The Future of Legalized Weed is Now Here!

The recent November 2016 US election results were met with varied opinions regarding a number of policies and winning candidates. However, with all of the news regarding presidency, it seems the developments that were made in marijuana legalization are not being given light nor attention they deserve.

Did you know that 4 states during this recent election passed laws to make marijuana usage recreational? What seems even more mind-blowing, are the states that passed medical marijuana laws. These locations are by no means what would be expected, but these results depict huge advancements in a positive direction for cannabis tolerance in America.

Read on Below and Discover the INCREDIBLE Advancements in Marijuana Legalization:

And what they implicate for our future…

1. California Is Now Recreational

You heard that right. The state where much of ganja culture stems from, is now finally legalized. This makes the entire West Coast of America 420 tolerant. Residents of California have voted in the past to make weed recreational, with the voter results proving unsuccessful, but the day of shining glory has finally arrived.

California is an insane economic hub, producing successful numbers that outweigh the financial growth of almost every other state. This is because, the Golden State has a number of oil refineries, as well as a booming tourism and entertainment industry. It seems the Golden State has now transformed into full-on GREEN.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

With such a successful state becoming legal and now connecting the West Coast in unity, it’s no doubt that these advancements are going to largely benefit the economy of California. Much of this sunny state has the ideal conditions for growing cannabis, and companies of every size are going to take note of a flourishing paradise. Since legal weed is taxed, these taxes directly benefit the state’s economy. Colorado alone raised 135 MILLION dollars in taxes from the last year. We project that California will prove even more victorious.

2. The Double M’s: Maine and Massachusetts Are NOW Legal

Although the voting results were still debatable for Maine late after polls closed, Massachusetts quite rapidly had their answer. Both of these states, in the end, ended up getting the majority vote for legalization. This is huge news for the East Coast, with these two places becoming the first official East Coast territories to legalize weed. With Boston’s booming economy and Maine’s phenomenal nature that attracts tourists world-wide, visitors now have one more very green reason to visit these locations.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

Likely, just as the West Coast progressively became all legal, the East Coast is to follow. This growing trend is only expected to flourish, and 420 lovers everywhere are patiently waiting with excitement and rejoice to see what results the next election provide.

3. Nevada- and Las Vegas, Have Legalized Marijuana

Nevada is notoriously known as a caucus state, one in which the parties are not clear set when elections arise. This is because the state has many residents who are conservatives, liberals and everything in between. Nevertheless, the voters of Nevada decided on legal recreational cannabis, which is an insanely huge development for the economy of this location. Las Vegas, a popular tourist destination for travellers and vacationers world-wide, will soon be able to sell cannabis at official weed shops.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

It is likely that due to this new legal status, Las Vegas and other major cities in Nevada will gain a vast boom in tourism, resulting in an immense increase to the economy of NV. Since legal cannabis is such a phenomena to much of the world, it serves as one more incentive to visit the warm city of Vegas packed with lights, replicas of famous statues, high vibe casinos and gaudy hotels.

4. These SHOCKING States Have Now Approved Medical Cannabis

What is probably the most shocking about the recent marijuana election results, are the states that now permit medical cannabis. They aren’t the areas you’d likely expect to be cool with weed, especially due to their political history that tends to lean towards a more conservative perspective. Voters in Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota have now all permitted the possibility of obtaining a medical marijuana prescription from a certified doctor, which is outstanding news for individuals who need this healing and powerful green medicine.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

Many other Southern and Midwestern states are likely to follow this trend as new elections arise.

Final Thoughts:

Currently, over 30 states allow either medical or recreational cannabis use, meaning the majority of the United States is now acceptant to weed consumption, with plenty more territories to follow, eventually joining the United States into real cannabis unity.