How to Get an MMJ Card by State

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The MarijuanaBreak Complete Guide to Getting an MMJ Card is a comprehensive ebook that’s packed with critical information, tips, updates, solutions and costs.
We understand that each state has its own laws and regulations and that’s why we created this comprehensive resource. The book doesn’t just provide you with the standard cut and dry information, but explains to you the exact process, step-by-step, of getting a MMJ card in your state.

And for those of you that live in restricted states, we’ve taken things one step further and filled it with concrete, legal ways, in which you can get an MMJ card.

What Do People Say?

Picture 1JAMES JENNINGS: “I live in Illinois, and I had no idea that it was possible to get a card if you weren’t clinically dying”.

Picture 1DANA MORGAN: “I didn’t know that I had so many options based on my location”.

Make money with Cannabis StocksSARA SILVERMAN : “I always knew I could get a medical card, but I didn’t know I could get one in less than 15 minutes. Amazing!”.

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Why we Developed it?

At Marijuanabreak, we know you live a busy life. We also know that most of you are suffering and seriously need gods natural remedy, to live a better life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to give you the knowledge in a quick and easy way. There is no need to turn your life upside down. With our simple, easy to read guide that’s packed with important information, you’ll understand in minutes all the logistics and requirements of getting a Medical Marijuana Card in your state. And guess what? Even if you don’t live in a legal state, there are often options.

Take a Look at What’s Inside

Our happy members enjoy access to a comprehensive resource that is regularly updated. You’ll receive:

  • The latest information on your state.
  • The costs and process involved.
  • How to start the process.
  • Tips to speed up the process.
  • Solutions if you live in a Restricted State.
  • Where to buy the final product.
  • Exclusive discounts.

As you can see, the Marijuanabreak complete comprehensive guide to getting an MMJ Card is designed to help you achieve what you’ve always dreamed of getting and show you the exact process to make it happen.

About the Author


“Hi, my name is Julie Martin, I’m 34 years old, and I am an MMJ card holder. I didn’t always use to look like this. I actually used to be pretty messed up. I suffer from chronic pains in my legs due to a car accident I experienced a few years ago.

Throughout my life, I have lived in quite a few places and therefore acquired quite a bit of knowledge on how to get an MMJ card. I couldn’t imagine myself without Marijuana. It’s a savior.

Author of MMJ

About a year ago, I decided to help a friend obtain an MMJ card. I was shocked at how much knowledge I had about the whole process and that’s when it hit me. Why not combine my experience and knowledge to create a book that would help my friends and people from the MJ community.

I am not some Mother Teresa, even far from it. But I couldn’t sit back and watch people waste so much time on trying to get an MMJ card, when in some states the process is so easy. I hope that this book serves you well as it does for many of my followers and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s also included?

A lot of time and effort was put into creating this helpful resource. Apart from ongoing research, an extreme amount of time was dedicated to writing it and presenting the information in a way that you’ll find easy to read. In addition to the guide, we are constantly double checking the laws and regulations to keep you informed. When signing up we make sure that you’re constantly updated.

Are there other costs involved?

Absolutely not. We are not an MMJ Card issuer or a dispensary, we are simply sharing with you information that works.

Is there an OTO or Upsell?

No. We truly love our community and hope one day that Mary Jane will be completely free to everyone. We truly want to help our community and have therefore also managed to get for you a $60 free voucher that is valid in specific states. This voucher is included within the book.

How much time will it take get an MMJ Card?

It really depends on you, your condition and where you live. Some states will issue a card in less than 15 minutes. Others it will take longer. It is all explained in detail within the guide.

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How to Get an MMJ Card by State
September 22, 2016
  1. Stacey Rivero

    My son has KS & degenerate bone disease…His DR’s are against the legalization & marijuana has been his only relief from pain & gives him the appetite to eat…The Courts want to force him to go on prescription pain killers that my son can not handle…. please help us.

  2. Lois clawson

    I have chronic pain in my left should. Witch if had 5 surgeries none has done any I have polio from my left hip down..had surgery when I was a little girl. And the older I get the worse it gets. I’m 58 yrs old. And my body hurts everywhere..thank you, Lois clawson

  3. Dave

    Nice info about FL

  4. Sam

    When will all states be legal?!?!

  5. Sirrah

    Thanks for the infomation….i be a card holder soon all is well….!!

  6. Sally

    Just got it. Thanks for all the help!

  7. Harold

    Massachusetts is a really bummer state, but thanks for the info. This will definitely speed up my process.

  8. Kody

    It takes time to get a card in Washington, but the information here really helped.

  9. Joanne

    Great book, thanks for all the research.

  10. Gina

    Also just got mine, looks good. I had no idea that I could get a MMJ where I live

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