The Best 5 Marijuana Strains For Chronic Pain Relief (2018)

The most effective cannabis strains...

Chronic pain is one of the most uncomfortable and difficult ailments to manage. Furthermore, it is one of the most common reasons why people seek out medical marijuana. According to a recent study, about 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

The main issue with pain is the fact that despite ongoing efforts by scientists and researchers to try to determine the exact cause of specific pains in our body, pain does not have one direct root and is often a vexing problem to treat. It is so complex, that for specific pains there is no effective medicine.

Medical marijuana has long been associated with chronic pain relief, but when it was classed as an illegal drug, pharmaceutical drugs slowly became the norm. Current laws and restrictions have forced doctors to take a more conservative approach, and nowadays most physicians prescribe mainly pharmaceutical drugs to treat different forms of pain rather than cannabis.

For acute pain, such as the discomfort that follows surgery, doctors tend to prescribe opiates: drugs that derive from chemicals. The problem is that for chronic pain, these type of drugs seldom work. Even when they are effective, they tend to cause side-effects such as nausea and sedation. Other chronic pain suffers will often develop tolerance to opiates turning this form of treatment into an ineffective one.

According to a new report  released earlier this year by the National Academies of Sciences Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), there is conclusive or substantial evidence (in general, enough to make a firm conclusion) that cannabis or cannabinoids, found in the marijuana plant, can be an effective treatment for chronic pain.

How Does Marijuana Help?

According to the NASEM report, cannabinoid compounds that come from the cannabis plant such as THC and CBD are an effective treatment for pain. The report suggests that this is assumably due to the natural cannabinoid receptors our bodies have and play a role in pain control.

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5 Strains for Chronic Pain

When deciding what  marijuana strain is best for your chronic pain there several things that you should take into consideration. It is also important to note that there are dozens of different marijuana strains on the market that can help. Each are best for a specific pains or conditions. There is no right or wrong when choosing a marijuana strain. It is entirely subjective and depends on the type of pain that you are experiencing and the level of psychoactivity you are comfortable with.

For one patient a particular cannabis strain might be an effective treatment, and for another, with a similar condition, the strain simply won’t be as effective.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that each patient is different and choosing the right cannabis strain may take some trial and error. With that all being said, here are some examples of cannabis strains that have ranked on most site’s top 5 lists.

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Cannabis Strain #1 – White Widow

White Widow is a hybrid marijuana strain. It derives from two different strains; South Indian Indica and South American, which is a Sativa strain. This cannabis strain offers excellent pain relief as well as an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric feeling. It is known for treating stress, depression and lack of appetite.

Cannabis Strain #2 – Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid marijuana strain, a cross breed between the Sativa Haze with Blueberry Indica. It has a sweet flavor and is favored by many smokers. This strain is known for having significant pain relief properties it commonly used for depression and stress relief. The THC content of Blue Dream falls between 17-24% while the CBD content ranges from .1-.2% consistently.

Cannabis Strain #3 – Bubba Kush

Deriving from the Hindu Kush landrace cannabis strains this unique strain offers an earthy flavor. As it is Indica based, it provides a very relaxed and sleepy effect for many who enjoy it for their pain relief. It is also known for being the marijuana sleeping pill, as it does wonders before bedtime relieving pain addressing stress, depression and assisting with insomnia. The THC content of Bubba Kush ranges from 14-22%, and the CBD content ranges from .06-.1%.

Cannabis Strain #4 – AK-47

AK-47 is kind of like a cannabis mix. It comes from a variety of different strains including South American, Mexican and Thai Sativa strains and the Afghani Indica strain. It is great for relieving pain, eliminating stress and managing depression. Being a sativa dominant strain, it also provides an uplifting effect. So make sure you don’t smoke it before you go to sleep.

Cannabis Strain #5 – Jack Herer

Jack Herer is named after a renowned cannabis activist, and similar to Jack himself this strains is extremly effective. This powerhouse strain will help to ease pain while providing you with the benefits of Sativa. It is often used to treat depression, lack of appetite and fatigue in addition to pain. The THC content of Jack Herer ranges from 18-23% and the CBD content ranges from .03 -.2%. This strain is a cross between Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5 and a Haze Hybrid.

We’ve selected only 5 strains that can help some of you with your conditions. If you are aware of any other effective strains, share them with the community on our Facebook Post.

The Best 5 Marijuana Strains For Chronic Pain Relief (2018)
April 9, 2017
  1. Clara Campos

    Bluedream is the commonly used strain for relieving stress. Makes me feel super good.

  2. Diana Cruz

    I suffer from multi level herniated discs. I re injured my spine crashing my bicycle not quite one year ago. Pain is excruciating at times. Tourette Syndrome.. Is no joke. I curse badly when I am in a flareup.

  3. hank hawkins

    new to this but need something to break the pain-was suggested a vapor and pills for longlasting effects. presently on morphine pump cymbalta and lyrica. know i will need to have a dr. take me off of these as i been taking them for years. the dr. that identified my condition-chronic pain tpld me i should be able to get off all these other drugs with good strands of marijuana. looking for help. thanks.

  4. RB Illinois

    My card came yesterday and I am heading to a dispensary on Thursday afternoon. Chronic back and neck pain 15 years. Lorcette has been my only pain relief as well as taking a morning sauna for 20-25 minutes. I don’t want to feel high…just relief. I am considering buying 3 or 4 strains and keeping a daily journal describing daily how each has worked so I do not have to rely solely on my memory. I’m 59 and it’s not what it once was. All the best to each of you.

  5. Noe

    At least, every marijuana can relief the pain inside. Even when you’re broken-hearted..

  6. Vicky Wright

    I have suffered from chronic back pain and tailbone pain from osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. I have tried many different supplements and over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. Just this week I tried the cannatonic strain Which is higher in CBD and I felt the best pain relief I have had from all of the above. Plus the relief was pretty immediate Within a few hours. I like that cannatonic does not make me feel like I am high

    1. Laine Krischak

      In what form did you get it and take. My mom is 74 and 3 back surgery’s. Pain is constant.

  7. David Vergari

    Good work! This is my first foray into researching medical marijuana. I wish you the very best.

  8. Lorinda

    I have gone off opiates thanks to Marijuana. I talked a lot with the bud tenders and Indica is more a body high, Sativa a head high. I tried regular CBD, THC/CBD 5:1 vaping and smoking I prefer vaping. It was suggested to go Indica or Indica dominant hybrid for pain relief plus the fact I wanted to still be awake and have energy. Larry OG , northern lights and white widow I tried this go round. The Larry and northern lights seem to help me more then white widow. To Barbara who is wanting to go off pain meds please PLEASE talk to your doctor and wean off SLOWLY! CBD in itself helped but to be more comfortable on the bad days I chose to cape and or use tincture. I was on opiates for 12 + years. I actually with my doctors help feel better then I have in years. Pain meds actually cause pain syndrome. Yeah I was like whatever as well until I fell off the wagon and took them again. My worst day without pain meds is better then my best day when I was on them. Best wishes ….peace out!

    1. John cole

      Glad I read your post. I have been on opiates since 2002 for peripheral neuropathy. Just started on medical marijuana and hope it allows me to cut way back on morphine. Early going it seems to make me sleepy and tired. Good luck to you.

      1. Alison

        My mom takes morphine for back and leg pain, it doesn’t help. I’ve talked her into seeing a M.M.D. to eliminate the meds that don’t help.

    2. Mark

      Good Luck! I have had pain issues as well. I had a Transplant 10 years Ago which caused painful reactions to my body, coupled with high doses of anti-rejection meds which over time causes bone deterioration, cartilage deterioration and associated pain. Initially I took the pain med route which helped on and off since. I did get back surgery in September – 2017 took limited pain medicine post surgery as I awaited my Med Cannabis Card to arrive, I refilled my scripts 1 time then received my Med Cannabis Card. I started with high CBD products but soon realize both Indica, Sativa and Hybrids all can have great results with respect to pain. I was told by my surgeon that hopefully “we can start weeding off pain meds”, after much research I realized that pain meds could be replaced with appropriate Cannabis Strains in the form of Flower, vape cart, oil pen and edibles just to name a few facilitators. Do your research, test products (Cannabis) which aren’t addictive and hopefully everyone dealing with this issue can resolve medical problems with Cannabis.

  9. Yvonne Smith

    I’m suffering with sever Rheumitoid Arthritis , my medication is not controlling my disease . I’m new to the marijuana world but I want to give it a try . I’m having pain up my back and neck and I’m not sure what to try , I also live in a remote area so there are no weed doctors , any help or recommendations would be appreciated . Thank you

  10. Barbara

    I have been suffering from severe chronic pain for the last 12yrs. I am new to all of this and have been searching for an alternative pain reliever. I really want to get off the pain meds completely. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Lorinda

      Barbara it is possible. Just don’t cold turkey or you will be sick. Make a plan with your doctor, took me a year to rid myself of pain meds…slow and steady. I don’t know if emails r available but read my post above or email me if possible.

  11. Daniela

    Johanna, I’ve tried harlequin and it helped with the pain and hardly any euphoric feeling. Hopefully that works for you.

  12. Concetta Gibson

    Hey guys, please don’t ignore chronic pain otherwise it can lead to serious health issues. Thankfully this article educated me about bubba kush marijuana strain and now I am free from pain. Thanks once again!

  13. Is it possible to smoke or consume marijuana for pain, that isn’t medical marijuana, but still be sure of it being a safe product? I’d appreciate any relevant information, and I thank anyone who replies in advance!

  14. Gloria

    I have osteoarthritis, fibro, along with PTSD. My plan is to go off my pain meds and switch to the M. Marijuana. Can you help me with a strain to deal with the withdrawals, pain, anxiety, eating disorder when depressed, muscle spasms, but I also need to keep my energy levels that I get from the pain meds. I feel like I need one of the first two. Insomnia I can just go back to my Melatonin pill.

      1. Gloria

        Yes I read this, thanks for the list, but what about the withdrawal symptoms, pain. I get to see a doctor on the 8th of Feb., by then the dispensaries should be opened. I printed out this page and the depression page and will ask them what they think will help for all or some. I know it will take a few tries to see which one works the best, but I am so ready. Haven’t had any marijuana since the Pink Floyd concert in Philly in 1995 and that was the good stuff (I’m 59 years old, so I’ve been around it for a long time). Excellent concert by the way, lol.. 🙂 Thanks so much…

  15. Johanna

    I am in recovery….VERY important that I do not get any “euphoric” effects,but I am in pain 24/7 due to degenerative disc disease.
    I would like to be able to feel relaxed not high.
    Which strain, what ratio, do you recommend.
    Thank you!!

    1. Adam

      Hi Johanna, You will need a high CBD low THC strain. You might want even to try CBD oil, which contains traces of THC. Check this article out :

      1. Maya

        I’ve tried CBD Oil and it did nothing for me. I have moderate to severe Osteoarthritis. In my foot, my knees, my spine joints, the spine itself is scoliosis, 34 degree S curve. I’ve had a spinal fusion, shoulder impingement surgery w/ rotator cuff repair at same time. CBD didn’t help.
        I am going to try 1 with more THC than CBD, for my pain. I’ve been suffering a very long time. I have anxiety, depression from the chronic pain. I wasn’t allowed to live as I wanted to, and had to stop having a life pretty much. The pain is incredible at times. Anyone recommend a strong pain relief, with an uplifting effect? I would appreciate a recommendation from a knowledgeable person. I read Sativa strain is more geared toward pain relief?

        1. Adam

          Maya. In regards to the oils, don’t go for the 300mg, they simply won’t help you. (If you are in so much pain) You’ll need a much higher potency. In addition, you might need a full spectrum oil which includes THC. Smoking is also an option, and can help. Have you tried any of the strains above? There are tons of strains and it doesn’t mean that a strain that helps someone else will have the same effect on you. It comes down to general health, genetics and a few other factors. But it’s worth a try

          1. Amy

            Have you looked into kratom?

    2. Joe Nekrutman

      Hey Johanna Im in recovery too and suffer the same delemna 21 years BTGOG.and you….Its a delemna….but no need to suffer especially with the stigma and all we have learned….Stay honest to you and do what u have to….I have tried Blue Dream and a couple of others….Are bodies are all different…Its better than the opoid route …contact me at my email…We can chat

  16. Theresa Rosemond

    Please help me to choose among these five strains as i am suffering from depression and stress.

  17. Carol Johnson

    Blue dream strain proves quite efficient as it gives me immediate relief from chronic pain. I’ve heard though that it does give some people headaches

  18. Mary Frazer

    Blue dream gives me relief from stress and I dont mind taking it regularly due to its sweet flavor.

  19. Patricia Strickler

    My favorite is blue dream strain as it makes me feel relaxed by giving quick stress relief. I like smoking it when I feel low.

  20. Gisela

    For pain relief, bubba kush strain is good as it gives sleepy effect and helps the consumer relax while the strain works its wonders.

  21. Nancy

    Ak 47 strain is wonderful in reducing stress and depression. Commendable strain to treat anxiety issues.

  22. Roberta

    I feel quite energetic with white widow cannabis strain. It relieves me of stress and deals with appetite issues as well. Good strain to have.

  23. Alex Jensen

    Can anyone recommend a strain for pain relief, with very little THC in it?
    So I can keep my job

    1. Adam

      You should really see a weed doctor, strains that are low on THC include Cannatonic, Charlottes Web and ACDC

  24. Juliane

    Great post. I’m confronting a couple of these difficulties.

  25. Maison

    You should participate in a competition for
    one of the finest sites on the internet. I’m going to recommend this website!

    1. Adam

      Wow, Thank you very much maison

  26. Jen Summers

    I suffer from severe anxiety which causes migraines. I have been smoking marijuana for the past 3 years and it’s a shame that I didn’t find out about it earlier

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