Thai | Cannabis Strain Review

Totally tropical and high in THC!

The Thai strain grouping of cannabis commonly refers to the native 100% sativa strains of cannabis that come from the tropics of Thailand. Through many years of growing and selective breeding, the Thai strains have incurred quite a potency that induces a very euphoric high with a pungent aroma and flavor.

The THC content of the Thai strains is usually between 16 to 22%. Due to the way in which they are prepared in Thailand, they are sometimes called ‘Thai sticks.’ This is because locals twist the leaves around the plant’s branches to dry it.

The Thai strains have origins beginning way back in the seventies and eighties after the Vietnam War. Rumor has it that it was brought back to the United States after the Vietnam War. Its flowers don’t look like traditional marijuana buds, but rather they have small, fluffy little nugs.

They are light green in color with some shades of brown being noticeable and lots of resin. The Thai strains smell very fruity and citrusy, and often contain undernotes of a strong diesel smell. When you start to crush and grind the buds, they will turn a little bit sour smelling. The smoke from the Thai strains is very harsh and many people will cough, but upon exhale, there are very floral and grassy undertones. If you’re curious about these exotic strains, read on for the full scoop on Thai.

What are the Thai Strains?

When speaking about Thai strains, it’s typically referring to all of the landraces that grow natively in Thailand. They were introduced to the U.S. cannabis scene in the 1970s and 80s – during and after the Vietnam War. These landraces are purely sativa in nature, with very high percentages of THC reaching up to 22%, and 0% CBD.

From the way they are traditionally prepared and dried, like long bamboo sticks, they are sometimes given the nickname ‘Thai sticks.’ The Thai strains have been crossed with many other hybrids on the CBD market and have remained popular to this day. One of them being ‘Haze’ – a fan favorite. The Thai strains of weed are very potent and have the ability to induce a pleasant euphoria and energetic cerebral high.

The flavor is very fruity and citrusy due to the tropical Thai origin. The strains like to be grown in tropical climates, and many who do not have this sort of humid, moist, and hot atmosphere may have trouble growing them by themselves. But if you have a greenhouse, this may make the growing process a lot easier; just be aware that these plants are slow to flower and need a lot of attention.

Thai Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Aroma: The aroma of raw Thai marijuana strains has been described by many as being very herby, earthy, spicy, and woody. Sometimes, you can get undertones of pine and also a sweet candy sort of note as well.

Flavor: When smoking Thai strains, you may notice a very pungent, diesel-like flavor as well as a very woody and earthy taste. Since it is a landrace and grows in the jungles of Thailand, many noted it as being very grassy and piney as well.

Appearance: Thai strains don’t look like your typical cannabis plants; they have a lot longer, wispy sort of leaves and they don’t really form buds or nugs on their branches as well. They are often light green in color with streaks of brown popping up in between the leaves. They are often hung up and dried in long sticks, and are consequently sometimes given the nickname ‘Thai sticks.’

Thai Strain Grow Info

Growing your own Thai strains requires a little more expertise than most strains in order for a successful harvest. Being that they are from Thailand, they need a really hot and tropical sort of environment in order to prosper well. They typically thrive in very humid and moist environments, and luckily they are resistant to most molds and mildews.

If you would like to grow your own Thai, you should probably do so indoors if you do not live in a very hot and moist environment that resembles that of Thailand. With the indoor growing method, they can take up to about 11 weeks to start seeing buds, but they yield about an average of 13 oz per square meter, so it’s pretty well worth it. If you do live in an area or region of the world where it is hot and humid and very Thai-like in nature, you can grow these strains outside without a problem.

They will usually be ready for harvest around late October-early November and can yield about an average of 11 oz of bud per plant. Depending on your environment, growing time may be a little easier or a little more difficult for you than for others.

You can buy Thai strain seeds from very niche growers and breeders, but generally, they are not available online since they are more of a landrace, found growing in the jungles of Thailand rather than on the commercial market. But, there are many hybrids which do come from a Thai parent, such as ‘Haze.’ You can also get clippings if you find a good Thai strain plant and grow your own.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest THC content from the Thai cannabis strains has come in around 22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Typically Thai strains have 0%  CBD.

Medical Benefits of Thai Strains

Despite there being very little CBD content in the Thai strains, they are still used as medicinal strains of cannabis and have many great benefits.

First of all, since they are 100% sativa strains, they are very good for increasing your sense of well-being and giving you energy. They can also help fight against fatigue and are therefore recommended for those who have trouble with chronic tiredness. They are also very popularly used to help people with mood disorders or any sort of mood problem. So, they may be great for those who suffer from depression or bipolar disorder, as they may help to feel more motivated and positive about your day and life.

They are also used to help ward off stress since they have the ability to relax and set your body at ease. The Thai strains fight away physical pains such as muscle aches, cramps, muscle spasms, headaches, and migraines. This makes them great for those who suffer from chronic pain and any sort of mental suffering as well, such as depression or mood disorders.

Possible Side Effects of Thai Strains

With the Thai strains being 100% sativa, they can be very potent when it comes to their mental effects. Although side effects are minor, you should still take caution when smoking Thai because they can produce a few adverse effects. Due to the high levels of THC, those who are prone to anxiety may want to be cautious and start small when smoking Thai.

They can also induce feelings of paranoia as well, so if this is a problem for you, you should also exercise caution. The other side effects that you may experience are dry mouth (cottonmouth), dry eyes, headaches, and also dizziness.

While these side effects are all still minor, you should be aware of them. They can also be mitigated by staying properly hydrated before and during your high. On a side note, things such as eye drops may help with dry eyes additionally. Overall, it’s just important to be aware of the side effects so you are well prepared in advance for whatever may arise, but generally, the side effects are very minor in case you do experience them, so don’t worry too much.

Final Thoughts on Thai Strains

Having origins in the U.S. which go way back to the Vietnam War during the 1970s and 80s, the Thai strains are still kicking and popular as ever before. With their very potent cerebral high as well as energizing and euphoric effects, it’s no wonder Thai strains have such tremendous popularity. They’ve even been used to cross with other strains to produce hybrids such as Haze and AK-47.

The very grassy and diesel-like flavor of the Thai strains is very unique in combination with the sweet, candy-like and fruity, tropical flavors that accompany it. They can also be used to help aid in mood and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder since it has the ability to lift, relax, and create a mild euphoria. In addition, Thai strains have been widely used to help with a lot of physical and muscle-related problems such as muscle cramps, muscle spasms, and muscle pain. Thai plants can also be great for those suffering from chronic fatigue due to its ability to energize.

Overall, if you are looking for a strain that can bring you energy and lift your mood, while at the same time helping with some physical muscle-related pains in the process, the Thai strains are a great option for you. Combined with their simply scrumptious tropical, fruity yet skunky and diesel-y flavor, you’ve got yourself an easy choice for your next smoke!