State General Assembly wants to know your thoughts on legalizing recreational marijuana
March 7, 2017

State General Assembly wants to know your thoughts on legalizing recreational marijuana

Legalize it!
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on March 7, 2017

Recreational Marijuana

According to recent news releases, Connecticut General Assembly has scheduled a public hearing on Tuesday, to hear your thoughts about recreational marijuana.

The hearing would require the Department of Consumer Protection to create and administer a program that allows people 21 years and older to legally purchase and cultivate marijuana.

The bill also requires the Department of Revenue Services to create and administer a system for taxing the drug.

Republican Rep. Melissa Ziobron of East Haddam is co-sponsoring the bill. The ranking Republican House member on the Appropriations Committee, Ziobron says she wants to “promote a healthy and substantive discussion” of the issue.

Similar legalization bills proposed by mostly Democrats are awaiting action in other committees.

If you can’t go to the public hearing, or don’t live in the state, show your support by commenting on our Facebook post.

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  1. Tammy Oudin

    I’m all for legalizing Marijuana I have many medical issues, that it could be used for. tired of taking so many pills!! Can gat anything for my pain tired of suffering & going without!! All for medical marijuana and recreational​. Either way. Should have been legal year’s ago!

  2. Steven Kelly

    Marijuana should be available to all adults for recreational use as it is far less harmful to the user than all other things used recreationaly.May I add also the financial benefits can be monumental for all involved and would supply revenue to many programs which need revenue.

  3. Melody Hintergardt

    I’m all for it. The state may as well receive some tax monies to assist with services.

  4. Dorthy

    Please just legalize it already!

  5. Rachel Farmer

    I am in full support of legalizing Marijuana for a multitude of reasons. Firstly the miseducation of marijuana is coming to an end. It’s medicinal benefits are apparent and its possibilities for reducing the opiod crisis are beginning to show promise. When 59 percent of ALL Americans approve legalizing and regulating and when the potential benefits to the economy, jobs, reducing the numbers in prison are evident in other states their is just no reason not to legalize other than ONE. BIG PHARMA. And they can no longer run the conversation with their pocket books and lobbyists anymore. My daughter is a medical marijuana patient and I can’t afford her medicine cause insurance is not forced to pay. This is not freedom when I can only provide her with medicine that doesn’t work and destroys her liver. It’s time to remind Americans why we elect representatives to fight on our behalf.

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