Have a hot date coming up soon? Are you both 420-friendly and looking to spice up your dinner with something especially green? Entertain and impress your handsome man or lucky lady with these recipes that are both gourmet, yet simple to make and completely weed infused!

Here Are the Best Cannabis Related Recipes to Impress Your Date:

1. For the Meaty Marijuana Lovers:



Space Steaks: A High Class Meal with Marijuana Benefits

Grill up your favorite cuts of meat in some fragrant, delicious and creamy Cannabutter. This recipe is bound to impress, plus it’s super simple. This is exactly the same as cooking your traditional steak, but with the added touch of some home-made or dispensary bought Cannabutter, you can add a real ganja twist. It only requires about 10 minutes to prep and cook and this dish will provide plenty of mouth-watering grub for both you and your date.

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2. A Weedy Twist on an Asian Cuisine Classic:

Ganja Stir Fry

Ganja Thai Veggie Stir Fry

If your date happens to be vegetarian or you prefer dishes that contain no meat, this twist on a classic asian recipe will serve as a supreme dish for a cannabis filled night in. These savory noodles mix oriental flavors with plenty of nutritious herbs, spices and vegetables, all laced together with medicinal and healing Cannabis Oil. This recipe serves 5-6 people, so if your date decides to spend the night, you’ll even have leftovers to heat up for breakfast or lunch.

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3. Nutritious Ganja Stew, For a Crisp Autumn or Winter Night


Cannabis Chicken Avocado Chili

cannabis chicken

Want to cozy up and warm your stomach with a hot pot of stew that has plenty of other pot to go with it? This unique alternative to chilli is unorthodox for plenty of reasons. Whether it is because of the added in buttery avocado elements, the use of hearty northern beans or the super potent Canna Oil, this dish serves as the ideal dinner for a crisp and chilly Autumn or Winter evening. Requiring only 20 minutes to prep and cook, serve up to 6 with a recipe that will be more than enough food for you and your hot date.

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4. A Gourmet Marijuana Meal Straight From the Sea:

Cannabis Cod

Chronic Cannabis Pan-Seared Cod With Caper Dill Sauce

Featuring mind-blowing flavor with fish that tastes fresh from the water, cooking Cod has never been done like this before! With just 20 minutes of preparation and cooking time, this dish makes a great last minute idea for a date. Featuring hints of marinated capers and fresh squeezed citrus and fine spices such as dill, paprika, pepper and dank weed (of course), this recipe is healthy, convenient and absolutely delicious.

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Now It’s Your Turn:

With these insane ideas, marijuana cooking has never been this creative. Show your date just how much of a cannabis connoisseur and gourmet chef you are, leaving them impressed and amazed!

It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.