What is Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil – and How do you Make it?

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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on September 27, 2017

If you’ve done your research on Cannabis oil, then you’ve probably stumbled upon the name Rick Simpson. Especially as some people have named his oil as the ultimate Cure for Cancer. In this article, we are going to clear up any confusion about this famous oil.

We’ll cover all you need to know; we’ll explore research findings, give you the complete low-down on who is Rick Simpson and reveal the recipe that has made this oil so famous.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Once classed as an average Joe, Rick has transformed into what you might call a “Cannabis Celeb, thanks to the healing powers of his cannabis oil. But it wasn’t always like that…

Back in 1997, Simpson was working as an engineer in a hospital in Canada, covering asbestos on a hospital’s boiler pipes with duct tape. Using a potent aerosol glue in poorly ventilated rooms led him to eventually pass out, which forced him to be rushed off to the emergency room. After a few hours of dizziness, he was sent home to rest. Hoping it was a one-off incident, he went back to work, but the dizziness was soon back and again he was forced back to emergency. The incidents were becoming more frequent and also leaving him with an unpleasant ringing in his ears. Forced to take traditional medication, Rick immediately searched for a natural alternative and soon fell into the hands of the cannabis plant.

According to Rick, it had improved his situation more than anything he had ever previously tried. Furthermore, it had exceeded all his expectations allowing him to stop using traditional medicine.

Cannabis became an integrated part of his life, but he could never have imagined that it would cure him of one of today’s most dreadful conditions.

Only a few years later after Rick had overcome throbbing head pains did he discover three Cancerous lumps on his arm. Again Rick turned to Cannabis for a solution and put cannabis oil on his skin. The results were outstanding, and doctors were blown away by the results. Even though doctors would not officially admit or legally recommend using cannabis oil, Rick knew that cannabis had helped to cure him once again.

These two miraculous events led to him to begin his career as a healer. At first, he started helping those with similar skin diseases but quickly moved on to help different people who suffered from melanoma and glaucoma. Since then Rick has become a leader and famous figure within the cannabis industry, helping people with his pure Cannabis Extracts.

Besides cancer, Rick Simpson Oil has also been reported to help treat diabetes, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, pain, asthma, migraines and many other conditions.

What Makes the Rick Simpson Oil So Special?

The word “special” is extremely subjective and depends on the condition a patient is trying to treat. Today, there are dozens of different oils on the market, all of which can treat different medical conditions. From Hemp CBD oils that have been proven to help mild conditions such as pain and anxiety to Pure CBD Oils and even High THC Oils, such as Rick Simpson’s one that is aimed at curing cancer.

The Rick Simpson oil is most of the time made from Cannabis Indica Strains as they have been shown to be more successful in treating physical ailments. Rick also produces Sativa based oils that are used for mental illnesses, but these are a rare commodity.

Rick Simpson’s oil is a full spectrum plant extract of potent cannabis, which basically means it contains high levels of THC and other essential cannabinoids. THC levels can easily reach up to 50%-60%, depending on the strain that is used.

Is Rick Simpson Oil Better Than Other CBD Oils?

Again, this depends on the condition you wish to treat, your genetics and your THC tolerance. Other CBD oils, whether they are Hemp or Cannabis based, may also work for your condition.

It’s important to understand that while one CBD oil might work for one condition, it may not work for another. The Rick Simpson oil has been known to help cancer patients, but it isn’t always everyone’s favorite, due to its high levels of THC, which can create an intense “High.” Also, high levels of THC have been linked to problems with memory and cognition and further studies have shown that it can induce paranoia.

Is Rick Simpson Oil Legal?

Unlike what most people think, Rick Simpson also uses hemp in some of his oils but as the Hemp is not industrial hemp, rather it contains THC (above 0.3%), his oils are only available in legal states. The major component the Rick Simpson oil is is Cannabis Indica. At one point the Rick Simpson oil was only THC, but now it is also made as CBD-rich or CBD-dominant versions as well.

Medical Research and Rick Simpson Oil

As Rick’s medical doctor never acknowledged the health impacts of cannabis oil as a contributor to his recovery, his oil has never truly been thoroughly researched by scientists. Furthermore, thanks to the U.S. government, scheduling Cannabis as a Schedule 1 Drug, there are very few academic research studies that have involved human participants. With that said, quite a few studies using lab mice or cancer cells have been released and are showing promising results.

A 2006 study conducted by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biolog, in Spain examined 9 patients with advanced glioblastoma multiforme. The patients were divided into two groups. One group was given injected with THC directly into the brain, and the other group was given a placebo. Although within a year, all the patients had died, those who received the THC injections lived an average of 4 weeks longer.

Another paper published in Life Sciences (2014) found that THC successfully reduced the amount of skin cancer cells in mice with laboratory-induced melanoma.

While we could go on and on, simply type into Google “Cancer and CBD oil Studies, ” and you will receive a long list of conducted researches that have very promising results.

Regardless of whether or not cannabis kills cancer, many patients turn to medical cannabis for relief from severe side effects including, nausea, pain, and vomiting.

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

rick simpson cannabis oil

If you’ve got the ingredients and are a DIY kind of person, this following recipe we produce an oil that is close enough to call the RSO replica.


  • 1 pound of dried cannabis Indica
  • 2 gallons of solvent – 99% isopropyl alcohol (it’s also possible to use butane, ethanol, or another solvent)
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • A deep bowl
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Cheesecloth
  • Rice cooker
  • Plastic catheter tip syringe (60ml)

Rick Simpson Oil Steps

  1. Place your dry cannabis material into the bucket and pour in the solvent over it until it is covered. While pouring, stir and crush the cannabis. Stir for about 3 minutes allowing for the THC to dissolve into the solvent.
  2. Drain the solvent from the mixture into your bowl using the cheesecloth.
  3. Place the mixture back in the bucket and add more solvent. Repeat the stirring for another 3 minutes. Drain again into the same bowl and discard the remaining mixture.
  4. Transfer your solvent to your rice cooker until it is about ¾ full and turn on your rice cooker. (Don’t let your solvent mixture heat above 300 degrees Fahrenheit (148 degrees Celsius), otherwise, it will become unusable.)
  5. The rice cooker should maintain a steady heat, allowing for decarboxylation. As you rice cooker heats and the solvent evaporates, add more mixture.
  6. Once the solvent has fully evaporated, place the oil into a syringe for easy use.

It’s important to understand that Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an incredibly concentrated form of cannabis. It’s stronger than most cannabis extracts, and dosing should not be taken lightly.

Dosing really depends on the condition, but in general, it’s important to build up tolerance as the RSO can have side effects and make you high, or extremely sleepy. It may also cause low blood pressure.

Take 3 doses a day (each half the size of a small grain of rice), for the first 4 days. Double the dose every 4 days until you are taking 1 gram/day (takes about 36 days). For the full dosage guide, please read here.


We are not medical doctors, and therefore before using RSO, it’s mandatory to consult with a physician who supports the use of medical cannabis and who has experience with it. These types of oils can have serious side effects, especially when using together with pharmaceutical drugs.

Final Thoughts About Rick Simpson’s Oil

With Cancer it seems as if patients are willing to try anything, and who can blame them. Have you tried Rick Simpson’s Oil? What would you recommend to other patients? Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment on our Facebook page. Want to learn more about Rick Simpson’s oil, visit his official site here


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