5 of the Most Ravishing Marijuana Strains of 2018

#3 will leave you in awe...
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 2, 2019

Ravishing Strains

#3 will leave you completely in awe…

Radiant, gorgeous, frosty, glistening, stunning, delicious, medicinal; there are so many fitting adjectives that can be utilized to describe marijuana, but one word that you probably don’t see often is ravishing. Even though this term isn’t a common one to see, it is certainly fitting, especially for the strains that we will be discussing on this list.

Not only are the following cannabis types “ravishing,” they are also unique and possess their own individually, beautiful qualities. Whether you are looking for an indica, a sativa or something in between, give one of these impeccable ladies a try; they’re bound to leave you speechless not only because of their looks, but because of how they taste and make you feel as well.

Keep reading to discover 5 of the most ravishing cannabis strains of 2018…

1. Mimosa (Hybrid)

Photo Credit: tlccollective.com

A sativa dominant hybrid strain that truly packs a punch, Mimosa is a brand new, up and coming creation from Symbiotic Genetics which has begun spreading like wildfire among the marijuana community for its vibrant, frosty appearance, fruity yet zesty aroma, and incredibly energizing/uplifting effects. This cannabis type is truly lovely, glistening and glimmering when placed in both sunshine and artificial light, and ready to be smoked by whoever is desiring to try it.


The genetic cross between the sativa Clementine and the indica Purple Punch, Mimosa is a masterful creation that combines the positive elements of both its parent plants. It is most commonly consumed along the West Coast, especially in California and Oregon, and those who taste Mimosa are normally delighted by this tasty and accurately named marijuana strain.


With an average THC content of around 19-22%, a little goes a long way with Mimosa. For those who are complete novices, they may want to start out small and ease their way into a larger dose of this potent herb, but for cannaisseurs, this strain is a piece of cake.

The taste of the flower is no doubt part of what makes it so charming, with a sweet initial flavor that is amplified with scrumptious notes of zesty orange and other citrus fruits, complimented by the strength of Hawaiian Punch, outpouring a combination that is similar to the famous poolside alcoholic beverage.

Appearance is the second major factor that makes Mimosa so desirable, because the buds literally radiate their intense beauty that leaves witnesses in complete awe. Although the buds are mostly green, they exhibit elements of vibrant reds that infuse with bright orange pistils, those tiny curling hairs. To top it off, the sugar leaves are densely coated with trichomes that resemble a light dusting of snow at the start of winter.

Ideal for stress, depression, chronic pain, cramps and anxiety, this hybrid is uplifting and energizing without the added jitters. Mimosa will leave you feeling positive and content, usually plastering a big smile on your face too, just for good measure.

2. The Black (Indica)

black cannabis

Notorious for its dark, stormy and moody appearance, The Black is a potent indica strain that ranks in at about 90% indica and 10% sativa. Bound to knock you on your butt, those who want a marijuana strain that can relax you, settle the nerves, sedate you, help increase your appetite or diminish pain, this should ultimately be the go-to. Aside from its healing abilities, The Black is stunning to look at with its deep hues having fully entranced more than a few viewers. The fact that it smells phenomenal and tastes yummy too is only an added bonus.


Entering the cannabis scene back in the 1980s’, The Black did not begin to gain popularity until its recognition in 2008, when High Times listed it as one of its Top 10 Cannabis Strains for that year. After this, everyone became bananas about this strain, which displayed such an original appearance that it was difficult to not spot when sitting on the dispensary shelf.

Bred by the expert geneticists at BC Bud Depot (with roots from “unknown” origins), there is some speculation that this cannabis variety may have actually originated from California and Vancouver Island in Canada, but these claims are not fully confirmed. What can be confirmed is that The Black can be found all over North America, and is enthusiastically consumed by many different walks of life.


With a THC content that sits at about 18-20% on average, The Black is certainly not a light-high variety of cannabis, but neither is it overly heavy. Nevertheless it is potent, so novice smokers should beware and start out small before jumping into bowl after bowl of this scrumptious delight (it will be tempting).

Featuring a prominent and pungent aroma that reeks of grapes and other fruits, these sweet smells are followed by spicy and earthy notes. Hitting smooth and velvet-like when fired up, the smoke from this herb will roll right down your throat and into your lungs, and likely won’t make you cough unless you take a monster heater straight to the windpipe. You’ll receive the flavor of berries and fruits, along with a blend of spices and pepper-like hints, ultimately leaving a nice, sugary aftertaste.

The appearance of The Black is probably its most unique feature, because the densely packed buds are deep purple and black all over, almost looking as if they’ve originated from some distant galaxy far, far away.

In between the black masses are the orange pistils, though (which juxtapose greatly from the dark shades around them), are frosty trichomes that give the already gorgeous flower an extra glow and shimmer. All things considered, The Black honestly looks like it fell out of the sky from some sci-fi dimension.

Among other things, it has been known to assist with insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite and more.

3. White Fire (Sativa Hybrid)

Fire OG medical marijuana

Sometimes referred to as “White Fire OG”, this sativa dominant hybrid is a twist on the classic marijuana bud, with its typical green sugar leaves and frosty appearance.

White Fire takes it up an extra notch, though, because in addition to displaying a simple and elegant look, it also possesses many medical qualities, has a quick flowering period (growers rejoice!) and produces an even-keeled high that will leave you with plenty of energy followed by a gentle drift off into a peaceful sleep.


The genetic combination of The White is that of Fire OG hybrid crossbreeding, and with a 28% average THC content that quickly hits the consumer with a powerful intensity, you’ll feel the effects shortly after you have your first hit. Those who are naturally prone to THC-induced anxiety should probably steer clear of this beast, and opt for a cannabis type with a lower psychoactive content instead.


White Fire smells different than some of the other marijuana strains featured on this list, for it has a pungent aroma that is less sweet and more centered around the sour notes. Sometimes smelling like citrus and pepper, the more prominent hints are diesel-like blends that have very subtle earthy qualities.

Maybe not as drop-dead gorgeous as other cannabis strains in the world, part of what makes White Fire so ravishing is its understated beauty.

It boasts a vibrant pale green color that almost seems grey at times, with deep green fan leaves that extend from the massively stacked, fat colas. This strain’s buds are frosty and immediately remind onlookers of the winter season, and the faded brassy pistils peak out amongst the pale sugar leaves, which are all coated by a thick layer of crystalline trichomes that help to solidify just how potent this chic girl is.

White Fire will bring about mental clarity and sharp cerebral function that is quintessential for creative outputs and artistic endeavors, but by the end of the high, you’ll likely begin to feel tired and lethargic, with sedation and deep sleep an inevitable follow-up.

Perfect for medical conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD (in the evening), depression, glaucoma and cancer therapy (for pain-related symptoms), White Fire is no doubt a weed variety that fits the “ravishing” bill to a ‘T.’

4. Blueberry Cheesecake (Sativa Hybrid)

Blueberry Cheesecake
Photo Credit: thestraindomain.com

This 70% sativa, 30% indica hybrid strain may not cause you to feel the way you expect to. Quite mellow for a cannabis type with such a heavy sativa influence, Blueberry Cheesecake is more effective mentally, generating a cerebral calm and tranquility that produces euphoria and contentment in most users.

Much as the name implies, this cannabis is very reminiscent of the popular dessert blueberry cheesecake, which makes it not only amazing because of its high, but also because of its sweet flavor profile as well.


A genetic cross between the popular Blueberry indica and UK Cheese hybrid, Blueberry Cheesecake takes its creaminess from the Cheese and its berry-like flavor from Blueberry, and exhibits a true genetic masterpiece. Although popular all over the world, though, it seems that this marijuana type sells the most in regions throughout the Pacific Northwest, but it can also commonly be discovered in states like Colorado and Massachusetts.


Blueberry Cheesecake’s THC content sits at a fairly comfortable level for a variety of individuals, at around 15-20% on average. Certain batches of this strain can increase quite significantly in potency, up to 23%, but usually this sativa hybrid does not cause many adverse effects if over-consumed.

Smelling just like a fat piece of freshly cooled blueberry cheesecake, this strain is truly mouth-watering, which is part of its charm that caused an immense growth in popularity over the last decade or so. Take a hit of Blueberry Cheesecake, and you’ll be sent into an alternate reality where you think you’re actually having a bite of the yummy dessert, rather than munching on those salty Tostito pizza thins.

Starting off with strong blueberry and berry hints followed by the creamy, cheesiness of the smoke which melts in your mouth like butter, few strains possess as unique a flavor profile as this one.

One factor about Blueberry Cheesecake that is maybe less impressive, though, is its average appearance. Forest green sugar leaves collect together in popcorn-like buds, blended with brown and faded orange pistils. The buds are not always particularly frosty, although they sometimes possess larger collections of trichomes. It is deal for relieving stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

5. Purpleberry Kush (Indica Hybrid)

Photo Credit: growdiaries.com

A narcotic-like, relaxation-inducing indica hybrid with 70% indica, 30% sativa genetics, Purpleberry Kush is not a household name, but those who have given this strain a try immediately fall in love – especially if something calming and mellow is desired. Featuring a stunning appearance and a delightful flavor profile, there’s a good chance Purpleberry Kush is bound to become one of your favorites as well.


Bred by Spliff Seeds, these master geneticists decided to pair two phenomenal strains together, Spliff’s Strawberry sativa and OG Kush hybrid, to produce Purpleberry Kush – an outlandish cannabis strain that is yet to become widely popular but is slowly on its way towards nationwide recognition.


With strong and prominent high-inducing effects, the exact THC content of this marijuana strain is not known, but it is safe to say that it ranks somewhere in the upper echelon. Also, with an immensely pungent scent that floods any space it’s in, it’s difficult to be discreet with Purpleberry Kush, so when you indulge you’ll want to make sure and do so in a place that’s secure and somewhat private.

Beginning as an array of fruity, sweet flavors that touch the taste buds, this strain quickly melts into a kush aftertaste with smooth, gentle-hitting smoke. It features dynamic buds that are a medium green in color, with patches of purple and plenty of prominent orange and silver pistils. The flowers themselves have a lovely look that is not only welcoming, but also makes you want to smoke right away. It has been said to be suitable for insomnia, depression, chronic pain, chronic stress, lack of appetite and nausea.

Final Thoughts on the Most “Ravishing” Cannabis Strains of 2018

If you’ve been looking for a new strain of weed to try and needed some inspiration, or if you simply love to enjoy gorgeous-looking cannabis, then these 5 ravishing strains should definitely give you a decent jumping-off point. Not only are they beautiful, they’re also delicious, medicinal, and leave you with some out-of-this-world effects. So let your eyes and taste buds be blown away with these five strains that will make you say “wow,” and nothing more.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

  1. Stephanie Villasenor
    White fire with tea

    Go for white fire. It will put you on fire literally. Great THC concentration and a earthly nice smell to augment the taste. The high lasts quite for sometime, and is even prolonged if you try this strain with tea or nuts. White fire is definitely the strain which you must not miss as a die hard stoner.

  2. Yug Cox
    Nice Write-up

    Have tried all the above mentioned five. And all are great. You have actually picked up the best ones for 2019. Would like to just add one more to your list of my top favorites, although not in the same order as you have written, is kosher kush.

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