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MarijuanaBreak was founded with one thing in mind – to provide suffering patients with an easy gateway to getting medical marijuana treatment. We understand the true benefits of nature’s plant and hope to help our readers overcome the process of getting an mmj card.

We understand that each state has its own laws and regulations and that’s why we created this comprehensive resource. Our site doesn’t just provide you with the standard cut and dry information, but explains to you the exact,  step-by-step process, of getting a MMJ card in your state. Furthermore we take the extra step and connect you with licensed physicians whom can accompany you throughout the process and can provide you with an MMJ recommendation. A legitimate, board-certified marijuana doctor who has passed our rigorous vetting and approval process.

And for those of you that live in restricted states, we’ve completely understand your frustration. Register with marijuanabreak and find out all the information you need that can help you qualifying .

What Do People Say?

Picture 1JAMES JENNINGS: “I live in Illinois, and I had no idea that it was possible to get a card if you weren’t clinically dying, Marijuanabreak helped me organize the process and I had everything sorted in 2.5 weeks”.

Picture 1DANA MORGAN: “I didn’t know that I had so many options based on my location. Living in Wisconsin, it isn’t easy to obtain medical marijuana. It’s actually nearly impossible. Marijuanabreak helped me understand all my options.”

Make money with Cannabis StocksSARA SILVERMAN : “I always knew I could get a medical card, but I didn’t know I could get one in less than 15 minutes. Amazing! Love California”.

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Why Marijuanabreak?

At Marijuanabreak, we know you live a busy life. We also know that most of you are suffering and seriously need God’s natural remedy, to live a better life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to give you the knowledge and help you throughout the process. There is no need to turn your life upside down. With our simple, easy process that’s packed with important information, you’ll understand in minutes all the logistics and requirements of getting an MMJ Card in your state. And guess what? We’ll even connect you to licensed and trusted doctors that will give you immediate treatment and peace of mind.

About Marijuanabreak


“Hi, my name is Julie Martin, I’m 34 years old, and I am an MMJ card holder. I am also one of the founders of marijuanabreak.

I didn’t always use to look like this. I actually used to be pretty messed up. I suffer from chronic pain in my lower legs.

Throughout my life, I have lived in quite a few places and therefore acquired quite a bit of knowledge on how to get an medical marijuana card. I couldn’t imagine myself without Marijuana. It’s a savior.

Author of MMJ

About a 2 years ago, I decided to help a friend obtain an MMJ card. I literally took her through the whole process and connected her with my medical doctor. I was shocked at how much knowledge I had about the whole process and that’s when it hit me. Why not combine my experience and knowledge to create a resource that would help my friends and people from the MJ community.

I am not some Mother Teresa, even far from it. But I couldn’t sit back and watch people waste so much time on trying to get a medical marijuana card, when in some states the process is so easy. I hope that our site and services help you as it has done for many of our followers and friends.

The Process

Step 1 – Register with Marijuanabreak

The first step is to register with us for FREE. It’s not difficult and won’t take more than a minute. We need to know simple details, such as, which state you live in, so that we can take you through the correct process. All your information is 100% Confidential & Secure.

Step 2 – Medical Survey

We will then send you to your email a short survey to complete. This is important as we have to understand your medical condition. There are specific conditions which will automatically qualify for a medical marijuana card, while there are other conditions, which will not. Please note that it doesn’t mean that you cannot receive a medical card, it simply means that the process is more challenging.

Step 3 – Doctor Overview

We will review your case and send your information to one of our trusted doctors for a professional opinion. All doctors we work with are legitimate, board-certified doctors who have passed our rigorous vetting and approval process. They are all registered and approved by the state and can assist with obtaining a medical marijuana card. Based on your condition, state and personal information we will connect you to the doctor to schedule your evaluation.

Step 4 – Evaluation

Once one of our doctors contacts you, you’ll be required to have an evaluation. This is a simple process that normally takes around 30 minutes. Depending on your state, you can either do it online (video evaluation) or you will be required to come in for a physical evaluation. It is important to have with you a government ID, any medical records that show the state of your condition and any medicines you are taking.

During the evaluation, the doctor will assess your condition and perform any necessary tests. You’ll then receive a detailed plan of treatment, along with a certification signed by the doctor.

Step 5 – Get Your Recommendation

The process of obtaining a medical marijuana card is different for each state. What’s important to know is that in most states a medical recommendation is required to complete the process. Most doctors are still hesitant in prescribing one and therefore we connect you with marijuana doctors that understand the process and make it more convenient to obtain a medical marijuana card. Doctors who will provide the service you need.

Step 6 – Get Your Medical Marijuana

Once you’ve received your medical recommendation you’ll be required to submit all your documents to your state’s Board of Health Services to receive your medical marijuana card. Depending your state’s laws, the submission process can be done by our recommended doctor or on your own behalf. We will also assist with the process. It isn’t long and within a couple of weeks you should receive a response.


Do I need to be referred by my primary care doctor?

No. Anyone can benefit from medical marijuana considering you live in a state that approves it

Is my Information Secure?

Of course. First and foremost we run an approved HTTPS secure site. Second, we will treat your information with the upmost confidentially. All communications, including evaluations are discreet. Our aim is to help you with the process in the most safest and secure way possible.

Can I purchase weed with my recommendation?

This depends on state laws. Specific states allow you to purchase weed until you obtain your medical card. Other states have different laws and restrictions.

Should I register if I live in an illegal state?

Definitely. The process is not cut-&-dry. There will often be options that you are not aware of. Furthermore, we are constantly updating our patients with updates and law changes.

How much does it cost?

Registration is FREE.

How Long is a Medical Card Valid for?

In most states a medical marijuana card is valid for one year. There are specific states where you are required to renew your card sooner.