Professor X Invests in Cannabis. Guess Where and Why!
March 16, 2017

Professor X Invests in Cannabis. Guess Where and Why!

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Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on March 16, 2017

The topic Cannabis is constantly appearing in the news, and that’s not just here in the U.S.
According to a recent article published by the Telegraph1, Oxford University is going to launch a £10m research program into the effects of medical marijuana, following calls for its legalization.

The program is a partnership between the famous university and Kingsley Capital Partners, who are investing an enormous amount of capital in creating a global centre of excellence in cannabinoid research. The program is designed to examine the role of cannabis medicines in treating pain, cancer, and inflammatory diseases.

For years, Sir Patrick Stewart has suffered from ortho-arthritis, and according to Sir Stewart, he has been using medical cannabis to help his condition. He even claimed that it helped him in such a way that he can now make fists and sleep at night.

According to Stewart, “As a result of this experience, I enthusiastically support the Oxford University Cannabis Research Plan.” The actor also added that he hoped the research would help him and millions of others.

As of now, the U.K does not support the use of cannabis, and neither the Conservative nor Labour Party officially support legalizing cannabis for medical use. Furthermore, NHS rationing bodies have rejected its use saying it was too costly to justify.

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