Pot is Now a Religion
April 15, 2017

Pot is Now a Religion

The International Church of Cannabis is scheduled to open
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on April 15, 2017
Pot is a Religion
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To celebrate 4:20 in style, The International Church of Cannabis is scheduled to open its doors and welcome the first-ever congregation of “Elevationists,” as it calls its members.

The church’s stated purpose is to serve as “a home to adults everywhere who are looking to create the best version of themselves by way of the sacred plant.”

On the one hand, there will be no pot sold on the premises, according to founders Steve Berke and Lee Molloy, but act as a place for those that want to elevate one’s life. On the other hand, smoking will be openly allowed, “Yes, you can use cannabis in this space up in the chapel, on the patio.”

In an interview with the Denver Publication Westword, Molloy mentioned; ” Elevationism is about elevating one’s life and spiritual self-discovery through the sacrament of cannabis.” Steve Berke added, “Elevation is not a replacement to your existing faith. It’s more a supplement to it.”

While lawmakers continue to dwell on whether such organizations are legal or not, this Colorado church is scheduled to open its doors on 4:20.

Just imagine what’s going to be the vibe on opening day!

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  1. Nicholas

    Knew about this already a while back. Was just there. The place looks amazing. I got totally high!

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