Politicians Supporting the U.S. Legalization of Cannabis

It is traditionally seen that parties supporting the legalization of marijuana in the USA have a tendency to lean more left- Liberal, Independent, Libertarian, Green Party, NPP. But in America, there’s become a revolution. Not only now are more leftist liberal parties supporting a term we like to call “ganja equality”, but even the right side of the party is beginning to witness just how much reefer madness could benefit the entire United States.

Economically speaking, making weed available without consequences to legal adults over the age of 21, has an immense benefit to the economic structure of individualized states, and furthermore the entire country of America. States are able to tax marijuana once it is available to the general adult population. Can you believe that in 2015 Colorado generated 135 million dollars in taxes? MILLIONS of dollars that can go towards state reforms such as building new schools, road improvements, supporting impoverished citizens and providing an overall better quality of life for Coloradans. Now- imagine an entire country producing that much extra money from taxations to be focused towards reform. The USA could solve a lot of pending problems with that type of money, and even carry that wealth over to the economies of other countries.

Without further ado,
Here Are 4 Politicians That Actively Support Marijuana Legalization:

1. Mike Folmer: Pennsylvania State Senator

A Republican and a State Senator of Pennsylvania, has sponsored the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, making marijuana a legal substance for medical purposes. Although the law was not passed to the extremity that Folmer desired, it did pass with a more regulated version. Folmer’s ideas are considered quite radical to most individuals in the Republican Party due to the typical agreement that Cannabis should not be legalized in the opinion of the Republican Party.

2. Jonathan Singer: Colorado State Representative

Representing the Boulder area, Singer works as a Drug Treatment Counselor and is still in full support and agreement of Cannabis legalization, being one of the elected officials that endorsed Amendment 64, leading to Colorado becoming the first in the union to make marijuana legal.

3. Dana Rohrabacher: Rep.

A Libertarian Republican that believes the lack of support for cannabis legalization wastes resources and denies rights. He believes that laws regarding incarceration for marijuana are far too strict and go against the original notions of the Founding Fathers. Rohrabacher has claimed “I don’t believe that you protect people by throwing them in cages”.

4. Margaret Rose Henry: Delaware State Senator

A Democrat and supporting of reefer revolution. She introduced the legalization of marijuana to Delaware in 2011, expressing gratitude to her colleagues for being acceptant and understanding of her stance and perspective on the importance of cannabis freedom. This caused Delaware to eliminate criminal penalties for possession up to an ounce to a civil fine of only $100.

These politicians sit at the cutting edge of the changing world of reefer revolution. As more and more of the senate continues to support and shift the way the world perceives marijuana, the tolerance for this very powerful medicine increases and therefore becomes more available to needing civilians.

Although known benefits exist with the consumption of marijuana, it is the user’s responsibility to use discretion when consuming cannabis products.