Pass Your Test: Has This Company Found A Solution to Drug Test Problem?

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According to Statistics Brain, up to 56% of U.S. employers require pre-employment drug tests. While one test costs a company approximately $40, it is worth it because it can then lead to costs of around $7,000 if the company hires an employee with a drug abuse problem. Most employment drug tests are urine tests, and an estimated 4.2% of American employees fail annually.

While marijuana is legal for medicinal use in 29 states (and D.C.) and recreational use in 8 states (and D.C.), there is still a large number of states where it is illegal. As you surely know, failing a drug test is grounds for automatic dismissal.

As a result, American workers who enjoy a smoke (or use other illicit substances) are turning to companies such as for assistance. These organizations sell ‘cleansing’ products that promise to remove toxins from your body and ensure you pass your drug test. Before we review PassYourTest, let’s see what these cleansing products are supposed to do concerning marijuana users.

How Does a Cleaning Product Work For Weed?

First and foremost, if you use CBD products with minuscule levels of THC (preferably less than 0.1%), your chances of failing a drug test are minimal, to begin with, not impossible, but minimal. THC is the most famous psychoactive compound in marijuana and in most states, if THC shows up in a urinalysis, you will probably be fired.

Regardless of the drug you take, it doesn’t stay in its pure form in the bloodstream. Instead, it breaks down into smaller units in the body through a series of chemical reactions. Drug tests focus on measuring the level of these units. THC becomes THC-COOH after the liver processes it and it is what urine tests tend to measure. While the acceptable range of THC-COOH is from 20ng/ml to 100ng/ml depending on your job, 50ng/ml is the normal level.

If you seldom smoke marijuana, it will probably stay in your system for 3 to 6 days. For regular users, it can stay anywhere from 10 to 12 days. If you are a heavy smoker, it could take up to two months!

While some detox drinks do nothing more than ‘mask’ your THC-COOH level, the best products completely remove it. There is typically a range of products such as single day detox (best for light smokers) and a 10-day detox (essential for heavy smokers). offers several detox options so let’s see if they are worth your cash.

Who is PassYourTest & What Does It Offer?

pass your test is one of several companies owned by Veritas Sales LLC which has a dubious reputation (more on that later). The Nutra Cleanse products on sale are created in FDA Certified GMP Labs in the U.S. and contain herbs and vitamins. There are six product sections:

Same Day Cleanse

These are short-term solutions that work within 90 minutes and keep your body free of unwanted toxins for up to six hours. The products come in capsule; chewable, liquid and ‘liquid shot’ form and include Chewable Tablets for $39.95 and the Fail Safe Kit for $89.95.

Permanent Cleanse

pass your test

This is a selection of 3-day, 5-day and 10-day cleansing programs which are suitable for long-term marijuana smokers. The kits include a pre-cleanse formula, daily herbal supplement, detox diet menu, and a home testing kit.

Total Body Cleanse

total body cleanse

These programs include a 24-hour pre-cleanse and detox diet, 3-10 days of body cleansers and you finish off with a hair cleansing shampoo. The Extreme Program costs $179.95 while the Moderate Program costs $169.95. There is also a nicotine cleanse program which follows the same lines. The shampoo is available separately for $89.95. It cleanses your hair for one hour and the effects last up to 48 hours.

Home Testing Kits

You can test for THC, Nicotine, or Heavy Metals with these handy tests. The Single Panel THC test costs $7.50 and detects THC above 50ng/ml. PassYourTest claims it is 99% accurate and you should receive your results within minutes.

Can You Rely on’s Products?

In two words ‘not sure’! While some customers claim that it’s the best thing since sliced bread, others are quite disappointed with their products. Sure, it could be a matter of genetics or even the detox that was used, but we can say that the reviews are quite mixed. It is difficult to find any information regarding product ingredients and we know that several customers have tried to contact the site in a bid to get the ingredients, but the company didn’t pass on any information! Could it be that they are hiding their secret ingredient or simply because they don’t know.

While we are not skeptics, it sounds a bit weird that a company can remove toxins within five days. Especially when science tells us that it will take at least 30 days for toxins for be removed from the bodies of heavy marijuana smokers. On the flip side they do offer a money back satisfaction guarantee which is great, so if the product doesn’t work, you ‘supposedly’ be able to get your money back.

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Final Thoughts

While it is hard to believe that PassYourTest will have any success in treating heavy smokers, it does seem to be an effective solution for light smokers or those that need a quick fix. Again, we are not saying that it will 100% work, but it does seem like a good solution that could be worth trying. One thing we can say, ‘Don’t put all your hopes in it’.

If you’ve tried PassYourTests we would love to hear your experience. Feel free to leave your review in the comments below or on our Facebook post.

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Pass Your Test: Has This Company Found A Solution to Drug Test Problem?
January 3, 2018

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