One State Allows Pot to be Smoked in Public, Another Pushes for Restrictions
March 8, 2017

One State Allows Pot to be Smoked in Public, Another Pushes for Restrictions

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It seems as if the whole country was focused on the marijuana industry yesterday. The State of Nevada introduced a new bill that could allow people to smoke recreational marijuana in public places. Good new for some!

But for those living in Colorado, it seemed like a gloomy day, as Colorado lawmakers are pushing to restrict the number of cannabis plants cultivated at home for personal use.

Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

According to KTNV, a new bill was introduced in the state of Nevada and will allow people to smoke recreational pot in public places.

The bill will allow businesses or events to get permits, but the only rule is that smoking will not be permitted anywhere in a range of 10000 feet from schools or community facilities.

As of now, marijuana is only allowed to be smoked on private property.

Colorado On the Verge of Restricting Home Grown Marijuana

Facts about Marijuana growing

According to the Associated Press, a House committee approved a measure on Monday in a vote of 11-to-2 intended to inflict a 12 plant limit on home grows in residential areas.

As of now, the state permits medical marijuana growers to cultivate as many as 99 plants, while allowing recreational smokers to grow up to six plants.

The problem is that current laws are causing the black market to flourish. Growers are legally growing them on private property and then selling the.

“In the midst of uncertainty at the federal level … we think it’s imperative” that Colorado shows it can regulate pot,” Mark Bolton, the governor’s marijuana adviser, told the Associated Press.

The proposal is now set to go before the full House for a vote

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