New State Agreement Will Let Patients Use Cannabis Oil
March 17, 2017

New State Agreement Will Let Patients Use Cannabis Oil

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Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on March 17, 2017

According to the Cannabist, the state of Georgia is now proposing a new bill which will add six diagnoses, including autism, AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease to the current list of qualifying conditions.

The agreement, which is expected to be presented to the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee Friday morning, is supposed to get a positive recommendation.

It will allow those suffering to use cannabis oil as a solution to their illnesses. It is important to note that while it will expand access to CBD, THC levels will remain at 5%.

What’s more interesting is that the proposal will set up reciprocity with other states so that visitors will be able to access medical cannabis oil for 45 days as long as they are permitted to do so in their home state. It will also remove a requirement that patients live in the state for at least a year before qualifying for the program.

According to Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon,”We needed to pass something that will benefit more Georgians, and that is exactly what we are doing,”

Georgia is definitely taking a pro-active approach towards legalizing marijuana but despite that fact it is still important to remember that marijuana is designated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning the federal government does not recognize its accepted medical use and therefore has been difficult to study.

Source: thecannabist

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  1. Steve Lassiter
    Virginia Hates Sick People

    I will be straight forward with this folks.Virginia sucks!!! People like myself,who are grown ass adults,that suffer with medical conditions,(AS,PsA,CP,Scoliosis and pretty much Arthritits from head too toe) can not get ANY dam HELP. I have been in severe pain for 6 years,everyday all day from sun up too sun down.I have seen multiple Doctors for the last 25 years.I have had several surgeries and at this very moment I need a new hip,and knee due too my conditions.I have worked HARD all my life.I payed taxes ,paid my Social Security and I cant get any pain relief from ANY doctors!What The HELL??I applied for disability 5 years ago,was denied 2x even though I have been diagnosed with the listed crippling medical conditions.I cant even get any Prescribed Narcotic to help out because the Government has cracked down on doctors and now has made a HUGE illegal Black Market for drugs that are more than often purchased by people who do not have any medical conditions.I am disappointed in VA,with the Governor Northam,With Doctors who are strong armed and scared or maybe just do not care people are suffering and even dying in pain.This is so immoral,discriminating and down right cruel.I ask to everyone who is not sick or disabled,What would YOU do if you needed medical help? and you were in PAIN everyday and nobody was there to HELP you,and they just ignored your cry?.Its a shame that in 2019 we live in such a society.I pray for all of the discriminators and blind eyes who turn their backs on the sick.Shame on you Virginia!Shame. Invictus Maneo,Deo Vindice.

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