5 Most Popular Indica Strains of All Time

Most users will agree that all cannabis strains aren’t created equal. Strains are as varied as the people who use them, and some have that special quality that makes them stand out from the rest. Many of these strains can stand the test of time and are high-quality classics that have users clamoring for more.

Indica strains are, in particular, a favorite of those who enjoy short growing cycles and the efficient, space-saving stockiness of most indica plants. Indica strains are thought to be perfect options for those who want a relaxing night in or a strain with powerful sedative effects. This is thought to be due to their common trait of having a high THC content.

Some say they enjoy the health benefits that they receive from indica, including relief from chronic pain.

Either way you slice it, users have their favorites. Take a look at our top five list and see what you think about the most popular indica strains of all time!

1. Northern Lights:

Northern Lights is easily one of the most popular strains, and that is why it tops this list. It’s award-winning and has been cited by an amalgam of patients, growers, and others as an incredible strain. Northern lights gives users an intense rush, followed by a sweet, cool relaxed state. Users may have increased feelings of euphoria as well as an upswing in creative juices.

Northern Lights has some medical benefits as well. Users report increased appetite and sharpened cognition. It has been a highly suggested remedy for insomnia and body aches and pain. It does have some negative aspects – including dry mouth and eyes, dizziness and, for some, paranoia. However, the possible side effects are outweighed by the smooth flavor and purity of its heritage. It is a very pure indica strain (nearly 100%) and has been a popular choice of cannabis lovers everywhere.

2. Bubba Kush:

Bubba Kush is a classic indica strain that has a powerful sedative effect. Users tout its pleasant flavors which seamlessly blend notes of earthy coffee with the sweetness of vanilla and chocolate. Insomniacs have indicated Bubba Kush as sweetly delivering them into the land of dreams with a smooth slide into a gracious, softly lilting high.

It also has been cited as working well to increase appetite and can give users some relief from pain. This indica isn’t as pure as Northern Lights; it’s about 70% indica and 30% sativa. However, it’s still a popular option for anyone who has trouble finding the Sandman.

3. Blueberry:

Blueberry is as flavorful as it sounds. This particular strain blends the indica-dominant Afghani with two sativa strains: Thai and Purple Thai. As a tri-hybrid, Blueberry has earned the moniker as a “Willy Wonka,” strain.

It has a sweet, fruity flavor with a fruity blueberry aroma that can whet the appetite of any cannabis lover. It has a pretty potent profile (THC levels are between 15%-24%) and has won awards and accolades from many in the cannabis industry.

Blueberry also features striking, eye-catching colors from its tendency to be shocked at cooler temperatures. The flecks of purple, gold, and red give in to deep greens. It’s not only the colors that are captivating; this strain has been said to possess the ability to increase insightfulness, tease out creativity, and uplift moods.

Blueberry may confer some medical benefits as well. It has been said to give users relief from a variety of symptoms, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Chronic pain sufferers have also described this strain as being a go-to for mitigation of their condition.

It has also been indicated in improving sleep patterns along with easing a hyperactive mind. It has some side effects as well, namely dry mouth and eyes, but it also has a long-lasting hit that takes a while to dissipate.

4. OG Kush:

OG Kush is the “OG” (original gangsta) of indica-dominant strains. A true classic, this strain is a popular choice amongst users and has a potent THC level (between 20%-25%). There has been some controversy concerning whether OG Kush is truly indica or sativa, though many users insist it is the latter rather than the former.

OG Kush has a high that is considered intense. It is thought to increase feelings of happiness and well-being as well as sharpening cognitive focus. Users have suggested that this strain is a more social one and that it encourages a sort of connectedness, influencing talkativeness along with the giggles.

It is cited as being perfect for a night out (or in) with friends. Medical benefits may include the reduction of depression and anxiety. It has even been reported to ease incredible migraines and headaches, as well as curbing nausea.

5. Strawberry Banana:

Strawberry Banana rounds off this list with its smooth, fruity notes and its heavy sedative effects. This indica-dominant strain (70% indica / 30% sativa) is one that users have fallen head-over-heels for. Many users state that this strain tastes somewhat like an early-morning fruit smoothie and has sweet notes that are balanced out by a spicy earthiness.

It’s no surprise that Strawberry Banana’s sweet side comes from both Bubble Gum and Banana Kush, two strains known for their tasty, dessert-like flavors. It has a very strong THC profile, tapping out at nearly 33%. It has been said to have a fruity, nearly creamy flavor on the inhale and a burst of pungent skunkiness on the exhale, though not enough as to be unpleasant.

This strain boasts tightly packed, dense leaves that are tinged with yellows and oranges – a fitting homage to its namesake. It has heavy trichomes and features a high that builds in intensity before cresting.

It has been said to be a great option for creatives looking to find their muse as it inspires heightened cognitive functions, followed by a nice, mellow relaxed state. Due to this effect, users swear by its calming effects for the encouragement of better sleeping patterns. Its high trichome content has also made this strain a hit amongst those who enjoy hash and creating cannabis extracts and concentrates.

Final Thoughts: The Best Indica Strains Around

These five strains have delighted users over and over again. They boast a popularity rating that has consistently been high and they all have pleasant flavors with a potent profile.

There is really a strain for everyone out there. If none of these fit your fancy, there are many others that boast a variety of attributes and characteristics. Before deciding, however, give these a try and make your own list of indica favorites!