How to Make a Raw Cannabis Smoothie [You’ll Fall In Love With This Recipe . . .]

With the pressure to become healthier, fitter always taking its place on social media and in the news , you will no doubt have heard of your ‘5-a-day’; the recommended amount of healthy and fresh fruits and veggies that each of us should be consuming every single day. Along with your daily intake, we are also advised of the benefits that come with eating certain vegetables, specifically those dark leafy greens that many people try to avoid at all costs!

While it may be great for us, the reality is that many people don’t enjoy these types of foods. However, that could all be about to change, because we have put together an all you need to know guide about how to make your very own raw cannabis smoothie — and believe us, it’s a GAME CHANGER!

Why Go Raw?

With cannabis gaining more social acceptance across the U.S. as a medicinally beneficial plant, we are seeing more availability spreading across the country. With acceptance and greater understanding on the up and up, there are more helpful and factual sources of cannabis-based information circulating. So with that in mind, you likely already know all about the medicinal benefits that can come from consuming cannabis.

Whether you choose to smoke it, consume it in a capsule or an edible or even through a vaporizer, there is a long list of conditions that the flower can support you with. But what about raw cannabis? Surprisingly, this is not something that is often discussed, and it is certainly not common knowledge amongst non-cannabis users.

While cannabis in its active form possesses loads of useful and incredible benefits, it will also get you high. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects that have made the plant so well known, and while it can be part of the fun, for many who use cannabis to treat their health it can be an undesirable effect. While there are ways to benefit from cannabis without the high (for example by just consuming CBD products), there is an argument that by doing this you are also missing out on the rest of the plant’s amazing qualities!

That is where raw cannabis comes in! Raw cannabis is essentially the “inactived” state of cannabinoids, before the decarboxylation process that turns THCA into THC and CBDA into CBD. Research has shown that THCA has powerful anti-proliferative and antispasmodic effects that can be lost once heated and aged to create THC. However, this is not the only benefit of going raw – check out this list of amazing things you can find in a raw cannabis smoothie:

  • Folates – Vital for DNA repair throughout the body!
  • Iron – Much like other dark leafy greens, cannabis in its raw state is full of iron which helps move oxygen through the blood
  • Calcium – Great for strong bones
  • Vitamin C– Brilliant for immune function
  • Vitamin K – Helps with blood clotting and calcium absorption

[For more information on potential health benefits of THCA in raw cannabis, check out this in-depth article].

So Which Is Better, Raw Cannabis or “Heated” Cannabis?

The truth is that whether you choose to go raw or you prefer the more traditional approach to consuming weed, there is no right or wrong answer. In fact, there are many things you can find in raw cannabis that cannot be found in the marijuana most of us are familiar with. And of course, the same can go the other way around too – cannabis is packed full of goodness regardless of how you choose to consume it!

That being said, if you are on the hunt for a healthy and “high-free” method of consumption, going raw could be the way to go! Not only will you create something delicious, but you also get some of your 5-a-day nutrients and vitamins!

How To Make a Raw Cannabis Smoothie

So now you know why you should think about going raw the next time you want to consume some healthy greens. But how should you go about doing it? Well, it is much easier than you might expect to create a tasty raw cannabis smoothie – you may need to get some ingredients in, but once you have them, the process is super quick and easy.

Here are a few TOP TIPS to get you started on the raw weed concoction process:

  • We would recommend that you blend the mixture rather than juicing it, as juicing loses a lot of the cannabinoids that are commonly stored in the plant’s fiber.
  • Fresh is best – Just like you would choose the freshest fruit and veggies for a regular smoothie, choosing the freshest cannabis leaf for your raw cannabis smoothie will deliver the best results! In fact, if you’re using bud that has already been dried and decarboxylated, it’s likely that the non-psychoactive THCA has already degraded into THC!
  • Adding a second vegetable juice will cut the bitterness of the raw cannabis for an extra-tasty smoothie!
  • In terms of ingredients, we recommend always going organic
  • Always wash all produce before making your smoothie

Raw Cannabis Smoothie Recipes That You Have To Try

There are plenty of recipes out there for the perfect raw cannabis smoothie; however, we have two that we think you will LOVE. Something for the health-nuts out there, and then something a little more tasty and, for lack of a better word – pleasurable!

Simply Green

The Simply Green raw cannabis smoothie is packed full of amazing, fresh ingredients that will provide you with a nutrient-dense and delicious smoothie you will love! Here’s how to throw it together:


  • 5 Handfuls of Spinach
  • ½ Cucumber
  • 3 Kale Leaves
  • 1 Fuji Apple
  • 7 Large Cannabis Fan Leaves
  • ½ Lemon

It is as simple as adding all the above ingredients into your blender, then blitzing them together to create your delicious – and healthy – smoothie!


If you have a sweet tooth but want to watch what you’re eating, then you will LOVE this smoothie recipe! It’s a sweet mixture that combines a host of great and natural ingredients:


  • 1 Large banana, peeled & Sliced
  • 2 ½ Cups of Almond Milk
  • 4 Tablespoons Cocoa
  • ½ Cup peanut butter
  • ¼ Cup chopped fresh cannabis

You’ll want to blend at a low setting to start, and then switch to high to deliver a smooth and delicious smoothie that will most effectively and appropriately combine the above ingredients. And believe us, the banana adds and extra “tropical” element that sets this recipe apart from all the others!

Final Thoughts on Raw Cannabis Smoothies

The argument for raw cannabis smoothies is certainly a compelling one; we all know the health benefits of vegetables and raw fruit, and we know that vegetable smoothies have been on the market for years! So it only makes sense that cannabis should be a part of that… after all, it may just be the most health beneficial leafy green ever to exist!