Milestone: Insurance Company Pays For Medical Cannabis

As of now, medical marijuana has been legalized in 28 states, and that number will hopefully rise by the end of 2017. With so many people suffering from different conditions, such as chronic pain, cancer and other frightening diseases, it’s astonishing that medical marijuana hasn’t yet been approved on a federal level.

With all that being said, it is still classed as a Schedule 1 drug, which makes it less than likely that it is going to be approved throughout the whole of the U.S anytime soon. Also due to its current status, companies are lacking the initiative to conduct clinical studies in order to get this wonderful plant approved by the FDA. And until that doesn’t happen, we can only sit back, wait and cross our fingers that bureaucrats will speed up the process.

The surprising thing is that the American Medical Association has called for a change in marijuana’s classification so that they can conduct more research. Especially since previous research has shown that it is safer to use than both tobacco and alcohol.

Nevertheless, re-classing marijuana doesn’t seem like it is going to happen anytime soon and therefore insurance companies are most probably not going to change their coverage plans in the near future.

The Problem

It goes without saying that Medical Marijuana is a savior for some. It helps some people that suffer from different conditions on a day to day basis. The problem is its costs. In states that it is legal you could pay anywhere around $230 an ounce, and for an eight you can pay anywhere up to $50 for high-quality buds. If you are constant users, then it will add up.

The price is so different from state to state, that people that live in a recreational state often try to grown their own flowers, in order to cut back on costs.

Even if the FDA approves medicinal marijuana, there is no guarantee that insurance companies will change their policies. And with the big Pharma companies trying to take a chunk out of this industry, it simply doesn’t look promising.

Or does it?

Judge Rules for the Poor Guy

Milestone: Insurance Company Must Pay For Medical Cannabis

At Marijuanabreak we tend not to provide news related articles, but as this is a milestone event, we simply had to. Only recently did a New Jersey judge rule in favor of Andrew Watson, who has been suffering for years from pain in his hand as well as complex regional pain syndrome, also known as CRPS.

Watson’s employer refused to cover his prescription, which led him to stop using it. State law at the time recognized six medical conditions as qualifying for medical cannabis if accompanied by a physician’s recommendation, including terminal cancer and multiple sclerosis. Gov. Chris Christie (R) signed a bill last year that added PTSD to the list.

Judge Ingrid French issued her ruling in December adding that Watson had achieved greater “functionality” due to his pain management and that his “trial” use of medical cannabis had managed to treat his injuries. The Judge also added that

“While the court is sensitive to the controversy surrounding the medicinal use of marijuana, whether or not it should be prescribed for a patient in a state where it is legal to prescribe it is a medical decision that is within the boundaries of the laws of the state.”

Final Thoughts

Although this industry still has quite a lot to go in regards to legalizing 420, this is definitely a foot in the right direction. Don’t you agree?