THCF Medical Clinics Portland | Complete Review
July 6, 2016

THCF Medical Clinics Portland | Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 6, 2016
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THCF Medical Clinics is your standard clinic, they don’t just refer to a doctor and leave you to fend for yourself. They are one of a kind. Apart from providing abundant information about the industry and helping patients to understand which strains are best for them, they also help cannabis users to obtain medical marijuana cards.

THCF Medical Clinics are one of the nation’s premier physician’s clinic. They are located all across the US and have helped over 250,000 patients to “get legal” in 12 states. We visited their Oregon office, but they have offices everywhere. You name it, they’ve got it. Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Nevada and Michigan.  If you need to obtain a permit to legally possess marijuana and want to work with a trustworthy service then THCF Clinics is the place to go.

Highlights of THCF Medical Clinics Portland

  • Their first highlight is their service. They have a team of medical doctors and knowledgeable, caring support staff that you won’t find in most practices that are just in it for the money. They help you get informed and can assist with any legal aspects
  • Apart from just providing a service they also make sure you have the knowledge required to make educated decisions regarding your MJ. They hold an array of courses, seminars and classes.
  • Accessibility. This must be one of the best things about THCF Medical Clinics. They are located everywhere. Spread across 12 states, you can easily pick up your medical card or at least start the process.
  • Another thing we noticed about THCF is that when you’re given a time, they make sure that you’re in to see a doctor at that time. Well, 90% of the time 🙂 – The lady in front of us said that they were running late by 5 minutes. When we arrived, we had an appointment at 15:30. We were in an out in less than 30 mins.

Final Thoughts About THCF Medical Clinics Portland

Hands down, this is one of the best medical clinics that you are going to find. For over 5 years they have been helping people with their cannabis needs, educating them and providing an immaculate service.
We give this medical clinic an AAA rating. Keep up the good work guys!

3 reviews
  1. Elizabeth Schatz

    This clinic is awesome, their services are amazing

  2. Lucille Ortiz

    I had a great experience here. They were able to service all my medical needs.

  3. Donna Izzo

    Got one of the best medical clinics! Ultimate services…

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