Organic Kind Los Angeles | Complete Review | Fast Delivery
April 19, 2016

Organic Kind Los Angeles | Complete Review | Fast Delivery

The highest quality Organic medical cannabis
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on April 19, 2016
(323) 574-0248

Established in 2014, Organic Kind is a farm direct delivery service of organic flowers. The type of flowers we all love. This business is locally run and operated by a fabulous team of professionals. You can really tell that they love doing what they do and serving clients with the highest quality organic medicinal cannabis flowers in North East LA.

At Organic Kind, you’ll find the highest quality of Cannabis Buds, Concentrates and Edibles. Furthermore, they help you obtain your medical marijuana card. Once you’re approved by a registered doctor, the rest is easy. You can simply go on to their website, check out their menu and order. The goods come to you.

Organic Kind Highlights

  • One thing we love about Organic Kind is the quality of their product. They actually source directly from Island in the Sky Farms, Dos Perros Organic Farms and the Zayante Indoor Incubator.  You can’t get any better than that!
  • The team at Organic Kind are actually one of a kind. They got some of the most experienced growers out there, who specialize in cultivating and cross breeding the best genetics to develop unique flavors, smells and effects.
  • At Organic Kind you’ll find a wide selection of Edibles, Paraphernalia, Pre-rolls, Tinctures, Waxes and of course our beloved Cannabis Strains. They also deliver the goods so you don’t really have to get your dope ass off your sofa.
  • These guys understand the meaning of service; If you’re a regular, they even throw in extras from time to time!

The only thing that bummed us out, was the minimum order of $45. A bit pricey for us especially as we only wanted a gram.

Final Thoughts About Organic Kind

Our experience was a great one. The minimum order was a bit annoying, but we completely forgot about it once we got on the phone with them. Their customer support and knowledge was 5 star. You can really tell that they know what they are talking about. Especially as they grow the stuff. Here at Marijuanabreak we definitely recommend.



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