MMJ Doctor | The Complete Review
April 26, 2016

MMJ Doctor | The Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on April 26, 2016
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2017 Update: We have recently been receiving quite a lot of complaints on their service and level of professionalism. Please take this into consideration before using their services!

2016 Update:

MMJ Doctor is a reputable, trusted medical marijuana evaluation center serving two locations in central California: San Francisco and San Jose. The facility offers a full range of services, whether you’re a brand new patient looking to get your first ID card, a previous cardholder looking for a renewal, or a cardholder looking for a grower’s recommendation.

Prices will vary depending on the service you’re looking for: a general physician’s recommendation will be your cheapest option, but both first-time patients and renewals will have to pay for the clinic registration fee, the physician examination fee, and for the medical marijuana ID card. Coupons and discounts are available on the MMJ website, which you can find here.

Highlights: MMJ Doctor | Medical Marijuana Evaluations, San Francisco & San Jose, CA

  • Full-service medical marijuana evaluation center, serving first-time patients as well as renewals
  • California board-certified physicians offer professional, thorough medical examinations, and can provide either general or grower’s recommendations based upon qualifying conditions
  • Full list of qualifying conditions can be found here
  • Appointments and walk-ins welcome

MMJ Doctor operates strictly under California state guidelines, and is 100% compliant with state laws. All physicians are fully registered and up to date under the California medical board. Patients will receive a thorough, professional examination/consultation, and the determination of a marijuana recommendation will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

MMJ’s physicians are not only true professionals, they’re also passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the healing benefits of cannabis, and will be more than happy to educate each patient on what sort of treatment method will be most appropriate. From different strains, to concentrates, edibles and topicals, you can expect to receive a wealth of information on how marijuana can best work for you and your specific condition. Each MMJ physician is registered under the California state board, and patient security and confidentiality is guaranteed under HIPAA compliance.

MMJ Doctor will guide each patient through the recommendation process, including verification of legal documents, paperwork, etc. The whole process can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, so it definitely pays to utilize the services of reputable, professional evaluation centers like MMJ.

Prices will vary depending on what service you need, but all customers must pay a clinic registration fee, an examination fee, and a cardholder ID fee. Additionally, a physician grower’s recommendation will cost slightly more than a standard recommendation. A full list of California marijuana grower’s limits and regulations can be found here.

Whether you’re a new, first time patient seeking your first medical marijuana recommendation, or a previous patient in need of a renewal, be sure to make MMJ Doctor your one-stop evaluation center in the San Jose or San Francisco/Bay Area.


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