Innovative Express Care Chicago | Review
November 11, 2016

Innovative Express Care Chicago | Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 11, 2016
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Innovative Express Care in Chicago, Illinois is one of those truly reputable facilities that’s fighting the good fight and working with a team of trusted, valued, and respected physicians and medical professionals to project medicinal cannabis onto the pedestal it’s so deserving of.

Like we’ve said often before, there are so many shady, joke-worthy ‘evaluation centers’ out there (a lot of them in southern California) that shed a disgraceful light on the beauty that is the cannabis plant. With Innovative Express Care, you get a completely professional, transparent evaluation center that will treat you and your condition with the dignity you deserve.

Highlights: Innovative Express Care, Chicago IL

  • Primarily a walk-in, immediate/urgent/primary care facility – their physicians will see patients to assess for marijuana recommendations, but it’s not their sole purpose for existing
  • Treatment/examination of all patients, no matter age or ailment
  • Clean, organized, reputable, professional facility

Like we mentioned above, Innovative Express Care is first and foremost a walk-in primary care clinic – they do not exist solely to dish out medical marijuana recommendations like they were candy. In our opinion, this is how it should be. If the recreational use of marijuana is going to remain illegal, then medicinal marijuana should be treated with the full discretion of the physicians; if, based on their expertise, training, and knowledge, they believe cannabis to be a viable treatment option, they should examine patients’ conditions in the same professional manner that they would examine any other patients. However unfortunately true it may be, medical marijuana should not be treated as a business.

Also, the care center currently accepts most major insurance providers, which is a massive boost to many would-be patients; a lot of California-based evaluation centers would laugh you out of their facility if you asked if they took insurance.

Final Thoughts About Innovative Express Care

If you’re an Illinois resident that’s been looking for a seriously professional, trusted organization to give you a quality examination to see if marijuana is a viable treatment option for your condition, look no farther than Innovative Express Care

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