Heart of JOB Foundation
June 20, 2017

Heart of JOB Foundation

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 20, 2017
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About Heart of Job Foundation

Heart of JOB Foundation is one of a kind organization that is dedicated to helping today’s youth excel and grow through development, mentorship, music, dance and creative arts. They believe that by providing a full understanding of a variety of fields through community events, artist development programs, after-school education and educational events they can exclude today’s youth from negative influences and irrelevant, misleading information, allowing them to better our children’s lifestyle.

Heart of JOB Foundation has one goal in mind; to create an environment for our youth that helps them live an improved way of life, and they accomplish this through a variety of core beliefs;

  • The team at Heart of JOB Foundation invest time and money to develop morals and values, something that builds integrity and is helping to shape the future of the next generation.
  • Through a variety of educational programs, they show our youth how it’s possible to live a healthy lifestyle while dealing with today’s stressful environments.
  • Providing our youth with the skill set to accomplish their goals from a personal and professional perspective.

What is Heart of JOB Foundation’s Secret Sauce to Success

Through years of experience, the team at HOJF understand that in order to educate today’s youth it is imperative to present and educate through innovative methods that are different from the cut-and-dry systematic methods that are used in most formal organizations.

Heart of JOB Foundation creates a hip, attractive and positive artistic culture that not only attracts today’s youth but also enables them to grow and lead their generation through art. Furthermore, they work in close collaboration with non-profit organizations with mutual purposes to accomplish this task. Some of their partners include; The GimmeMo Foundation, Ánimo Inglewood Charter High School and Music Evolved.

Heart of Job Foundation and the Cannabis Industry

Heart of Job foundation understand the true benefits of cannabis and strive to educate people on how to properly use the plant for correct treatment. They believe that education should start at a young age so that today’s youth can grow into a reality that is disconnected from capitalistic thoughts and motivation. Education that explains to our next generation how specific aspects of the plant can help with a variety of illnesses and work as a cure for specific conditions.

For this, they hold different events around the topic and have established a firm footing in the industry under the brand Cannabis Cures. By conducting awareness events that are known to attract a variety of celebrities from the field, their efforts are now globally known for educating patients and their whole audience on how to properly use cannabis from a medical perspective.

Final Thoughts About Heart of Job Foundation

Here at Marijuanabreak, we see Heart of Job Foundation as a pioneer in the cannabis-education niche and from what we can see they are bringing a positive aspect to the entire industry, transforming the traditional stoner stigma connected to the weed industry and taking it to a level that is entirely professional, medical and educational.

Their achievements through educational art, to help our youth and patients live a better lifestyle, has astonished both professionals and organizations in a variety of industries and we see the same thing happening within the cannabis industry.

If you want to learn more about how cannabis can help treat specific conditions or are looking for further information on the field, then Heart of Job Foundation is definitely the place to go.

Upcoming Events

Roll 4 Cure will be held on Jun 23rd and is a must for all those interested in Medical Cannabis. For further information, please view the event’s description at Eventbrite

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Adam
    Great organization

    The guys at heart of job foundation are exceptional. You can immediately see that they believe in what they do.

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