Green Evaluations San Fransisco [Review]
April 26, 2016

Green Evaluations San Fransisco [Review]

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Green Evaluations is a medical marijuana California clinic which is situated in the historic Amoeba building on Haight Street in SF. It is actually 5 minutes away from the famous Basa Collective or down the street from Barbary Coast, so once you get your medical card you can jump there and pick up your meds. The team at Green Evaluations has extended experience in evaluations, screenings, education, and preparing approval letters for patients that require marijuana as a medical treatment.

Dr. Dismond and his crew aren’t just regular doctors, they really understand what they are talking about. They really believe in the true goodness of Cannabis and go into detail when recommending it for different conditions. Unlike other clinics, that just stamp and give you the card, Green Evaluations will try to give you the best possible service. You’ll find that they ask quite a few questions about your condition and will try to recommend the best possible solution. Please note that some clients class this as top-level service, while others have felt that the Doctors at Green Evaluations are a bit pushy and intrusive.

Overall, this is a great place and if you are looking for a professional opinion then this is the place to go. If you don’t want some doctor diving into your condition and are just looking for a signed paper, then we would recommend trying somewhere else.

Green Evaluations Highlights

  • This clinic is conveniently located on Haight St and parking isn’t really a problem. We would recommend making an appointment and also calling the same day to make sure that everything is in order. You don’t want to drive down and find yourself waiting for hours. Please note that this place is quite popular and is therefore always full.
  • At Green Evaluations, you can simply walk-in and get your card. BUT, be prepared to wait. Like we said, it is best to schedule an appointment. That way you won’t be disappointed by the waiting time.
  • Prices are fair. If it is your first time, it is going to knock you back by $49. For renewals, you’ll pay $39.
  • The Green Evaluations staff are extremely experienced, knowledgable and compassionate doctors who provide medical marijuana evaluations and recommendations to patients under the provisions set forth in SB 420 and proposition 215.
  • This is a cash and credit card clinic

For First Timers

If you are visiting Green Evaluations, remember to bring the following:

  1. Your CA Drivers License, CA Identification Card, OR Proof of Residency within CA (lease, utility bill, etc) and some form of photo ID.
  2. Any medical records you have along with any medications that you take or have taken in the past. Medical records can consist of a diagnosis, treatment, tests, reports, a letter from your physician, or anything else that you think is relevant to show and educate the doctor.

Final Thoughts About Green Evaluations

Our reviews are mixed on this clinic. It would be great if there wasn’t such a long waiting time. But then again, you can schedule an appointment. They are extremely professional, so if you are looking for doctors who understand what they are talking about and not just give you the mumbo jumbo, then this is the place to go.

Amoeba Music 1855-A Haight St San Francisco, CA 94117

3 reviews
  1. Mary Vance

    The qualified doctors here are phenomenal. Truly knowledgeable and willing to assist with any queries. I would certainly recommend them.

  2. Abel
    Thorough and professional

    Like it’s written here, Green Evolutions ask quite a few questions but they really put me on the right track. Much better than my local dispensary

  3. Sandy
    Would come back to Green Evaluations

    Great service. Dr. Dismond really knew his stuff

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