Doctors Center at Red Rock [Review]
February 14, 2018

Doctors Center at Red Rock [Review]

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Nevada is one of the nine states where it is legal to purchase marijuana for recreational use. However, the peculiar nature of the law means tourists in need of weed are placed in a tight spot. While cannabis is legal in Nevada, it can only be consumed in a private residence and NOT in public […]

Review of Doctor’s Center at Red Rock

Nevada is one of the nine states where it is legal to purchase marijuana for recreational use. However, the peculiar nature of the law means tourists in need of weed are placed in a tight spot. While cannabis is legal in Nevada, it can only be consumed in a private residence and NOT in public which means no casinos, cars, or hotels.

As a result, if you’re a visitor, there is nowhere for you to smoke recreationally. If you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes, you can still get an evaluation from a licensed physician in the state; although the issue of private residences still stands. The Doctors Center in Las Vegas, and now in Henderson, Nevada, is one of the most renowned medical marijuana evaluation locations in the state. So, is it worth your while or should you look elsewhere?

Doctor’s Center – The Background

The medical practice is run by Doctor Leo Capobianco who has been a primary care physician for over 15 years. He is board-certified and has received multiple awards for his services to the health industry in the state of Nevada. As well as offering medical marijuana evaluations, the Doctor’s Center helps patients with a wide range of conditions including Arthritis, Diabetes, Botox, Knee Pain, Allergies and much more.

Is It Easy to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Bear in mind that in the state of Nevada, you don’t actually need one anymore because of the recent changes to the law. However, before the change in the state’s legislature, patients said it was extremely easy to get your hands on an MMJ card so long as you had proof of your symptoms.

The Doctor’s Center accepts the majority of insurances, but if you were a first-time patient and had no medical insurance, the fee was $125. The renewal fee was $80 if you had no insurance. All patients must have medical records which prove they have a qualifying medical condition in the state of Nevada.

Patients found it easy to schedule an appointment and the waiting time was much shorter than its rivals in Las Vegas. One of the best things about the Doctor’s Center is its commitment to providing patients with knowledge. While other physicians are happy to prescribe medication and send patients on their way, Dr. Capobianco takes the time to listen and provides useful medical advice.

Quality of Service

One of the biggest problems in the American medical industry is the profit motive. Big Pharma wants to sell its drugs and is prepared to pay physicians handsomely for prescribing one product over another. Another major issue is that people feel more like ‘consumers’ than patients as the focus is on prescriptions rather than offering useful advice.

Dr. Capobianco and his staff at The Doctor’s Center seem to turn this notion upside down, and they go back to the good old days of ‘patient-orientated’ care. Dr. Capobianco leads by example with his exemplary bedside manner.

The different arms of the clinic have received fulsome praise from patients. For instance, the allergy clinic provides detailed reporting to aid its decisions with a view to alleviating severe allergy reactions. In what is a welcome change from the new normal, The Doctor’s Center does NOT pressurize you into paying for additional treatments; a common source of complaint against other medical practices in Las Vegas’ Valley.

I was very interested to note that the practice is apparently the victim of fake reviews; possibly from disgruntled former employees! One Yelp review was scathing in its criticism of The Doctor’s Center. Using the name ‘John S.,’ the reviewer claimed that the atmosphere in the office was terrible, that he was charged before showing ID, and that the staff in the back office were incapable of carrying out the basics correctly; such as taking blood pressure.

Dr. Capobianco fired back immediately and told everyone on Yelp the truth about this ‘reviewer.’ According to the doctor, he spoke to the real John S. who was adamant he did not write any review. In fact, it was probably the work of a former employee who illegally accessed office information. Another negative review by a ‘Natas H.’ was also false as The Doctor’s Center doesn’t have the person in question on record.

A Video Recommendation

Before the new law that now allows recreational weed use in Las Vegas, it was only available for medicinal purposes, and it wasn’t necessarily easy to get an MMJ card. Back in 2013, I came across a wonderful YouTube video in which a man with an MMJ card paid tribute to Dr. Capobianco.

He said that the doctor was the only physician he would recommend for a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas. Although he was impressed at how smoothly the appointments flowed, his main reason was that Dr. Capobianco has the “personality, demeanor, education, mindset” and data to speak on a patient’s behalf if they ever found themselves in trouble for marijuana use.

Final Thoughts on The Doctor’s Center

While other medical practices have suffered because of the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use, The Doctor’s Center continues to thrive. One of the main reasons is due to the quality of service provided by Dr. Capobianco and his team. It is a testament to the man’s ability that he was able to position himself as an authority on medical marijuana use when it was still only legal for medicinal purposes.

This is because he takes great pride in what he does and he educated himself on the usage of weed to help a variety of medical conditions including arthritis, chronic pain, and asthma. If you go to the practice’s website, you will be met with detailed pages on how the doctor and his team will approach treatment for your condition. It is still pretty easy to get an appointment, and Dr. Capobianco continues to treat his patients like human beings and not customers. It says a lot when most of The Doctor’s Centers negative reviews are fake!


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