CannApply Medical Services, Calgary | Review
November 9, 2016

CannApply Medical Services, Calgary | Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 9, 2016
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CannApply Medical Services is an medical marijuana evaluation center in Calgary, Alberta – the process for obtaining a physician’s recommendation for marijuana in Canada is very similar to the process in the US – you have to receive a formal recommendation from a qualifying physician that is registered with Health Canada.

So What does CannApply Medical Services do?

They act as an intermediate between you and the recommending physician – they’ll hook you up with all of the information that you need to begin the process of seeking recommendation, help you out with required forms, give you physician referrals, etc.

The evaluation process in Canada can be a tricky one and that is where CannApply comes into the picture. CannApply provides patients with a much more organized, direct route to seeking a qualifying physician’s recommendation.

CannApply Medical Services Highlights

  • Three locations in Calgary, Alberta: East Hills, Temple Drive, and Deerfoot
  • Online appointments/video conferencing are available for those patients unable to physically come into an evaluation center

With Canada’s more socialized health care system, it can be difficult for patients seeking a marijuana recommendation to access a qualified physician who will agree to evaluate the condition on the sole basis of determining if marijuana would be a recommended treatment.

CannApply works hand in hand with a group of qualified physicians whose objective is just that: to evaluate you and your condition and see if medical marijuana is a viable treatment option.

Additionally, the non-medical staff at the centers are full of invaluable information, with knowledge of everything from the application/recommendation process to advice on different cannabis strains, extracts, and other applicants that may be relevant to you and your particular ailment.

Final Thoughts About CannApply

If you live in Canada and are in need for a recommendation then CannApply should be on the top of your list. It is convenient, the staff are super professional and they really know how to guide you through the process. You can also book with them a FREE appointment to understand what they do.

3 reviews
  1. Sandra Milne

    Highly recommended services for those seeking help from qualified physicians’.

  2. Myrtie Galvan

    Cannapply provides super professional services to its patients. Fast and quick

  3. Lisa C.
    CannApply is amazing

    great doctors, friendly staff, very helpful, and great listeners about your needs, my husband and I both are users of medical cannibus the staff are great when we go to see them the doctors are very nice and caring and compassionate

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