Medical Marijuana Card Pennsylvania [INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE]


Medical Marijuana Card Pennsylvania [INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE]
December 14, 2017
  1. Michael Grayson

    Need card in pa

  2. brandon brisgone

    im just trying to get my card…. the doctor gave me a #for my own password or something but there is no place to put this number

  3. Melissa Karley

    I have been recently diagnosed with PTSD and I have a lot of anxiety and stress issues to why qualify and how do I go about saying something like this to my doctor without her denying me medical marijuana ????

    1. Adam

      Your doctor can’t deny you your rights. Only the state can deny it. Your doc may not approve but that is a different story. Just be honest

  4. Ashley hess

    I have ptsd. Bipolar . Depression. And anxiety. Also agoraphobia. Do i qualify for the medical marijuana card ?

  5. Melissa Gilderman

    I have severe depression and anxiety most of my life. Meds, treatments, therapy, nothing is helping. Would I possibly qualify for medical marijuana?

  6. Marilyn J. Gillis

    when do I pay for my medical card. I have look throughout the website and I do not see where to pay.

    1. Adam

      Our site is purely informational, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any further questions

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