Medical Marijuana Card Pennsylvania [INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE]
December 14, 2017

Medical Marijuana Card Pennsylvania [INFOGRAPHIC GUIDE]

MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on December 14, 2017

  1. Deborah

    I live in PA and I can’t seem to get my card it says something’s wrong with my license and it isn’t what do I do

    1. Vivian
      Can't register or pay for a ID card. Iam completely locked out ...

      Hello. Then it not only me. I have been lock out. It won’t let me pay. Or let me register
      I’ve called around and there’s no number to guide me to the right place. It did say Knot to register with your cell phone. Only lab top or a computer. Or sensitive key. It’s going into a month and still no luck.

  2. Geraldine Woodie
    How to get a card

    I want to get a card in Pa

  3. Pat Scheetz
    I am not able to follow the

    I have been attempting to get my card for hours…what am I doing wrong?

  4. Ed mcgee

    We are florida residents but spend the summer in PA – my PA doctor has authorized me for the use of medical marijuana. can I get a PA mmj card if I am a Florida resident since my PA doctor is a registered PA prescriber

  5. William Matthews

    Wanted to get my card ASAP

  6. Chris Daher

    My PCP recently relocated. It’s no longer convenient to go to anymore. I have issues like chronic pain, arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, and ADHD. I think it’d be beneficial for me to get my mmj card. Can I just call my PCP office to get my medical records? Also, I am very much clueless on how to get through this process and I’m not sure how to get help 🙁 because I have noticed the law being past in PA., is fairly newly past law. I have tried pain meds, even non-narcotic and I feel like not only do they not work well, but are more dangerous than beneficial!

  7. Roberto Bravo

    I live in California and I have my medical marijuana card. I’ll be going to Pittsburgh in September Q: can I buy medicinal marijuana in Pittsburgh or what do I Got to do to get a medicinal marijuana card?

    1. Adam

      No you can’t use your Cali medical card in a different state.

  8. Cathy A Henshaw

    I have been a patient with 3 different over a 17 yr period being treated for pain ,knee,back and fibermyalgia and over a period of years all that I was perscribed quit working,so others were ordered,but now I was just told I have a ulcer and it is from all thr pain meds perscribed over the years. I have tried someones oil and it really but I didn’t take enough I guess it stopped me pain but not for long

  9. Melissa Howard

    This is great! Most places have information on this topic in really lengthy pieces of text that can be confusing. This is a great source of information that i quick and to the point! Love it.

  10. Mac Watson

    Wow Nice Post..
    Its really useful card.
    Thank you so much your ideas, Its really helpful.
    You can also used

    1. Alicia Cline

      I am having alot of trouble finding specific information, where is there a doctor authorized to give cards? I have my doctors orders, yet cannot find a doctor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    My Spinal Stenosis condition is still very painful after two surgeries. Have to get this card

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