Long Term Relationships, Hookups, and How Cannabis Plays its Part

What Type of Stoner are You?

The world of online dating has opened up an entire new world of possibilities for those seeking a partner, especially if that partner likes to chill back, relax and simply boot the gong. No longer do you have to go on endless dates to find your match. Whether you are looking for that perfect person to spend the rest of your life with or you just want to have a good time, there are tons of different sites out there that can cater towards your needs.

The problem is that most of them aren’t really that effective, they simply provide you with an enormous list of potential people, that you have to filter through.  Only a few dating services get the job done and ask you relevant questions when signing up to help you find your match. What is your level of commitment to a relationship? What do you desire from a partner? These are questions that do not typically arise immediately when you meet someone in person, but with online dating you’ll be able to read this information directly on an individual’s profile and not be left wondering or hanging on for answers.

So here they are, the two best sites that we’ve tried and tested – By the way both are Free.

1. Long Term Relationships:

Is this you?

You’re the type of person that sees the beauty in commitment. You don’t feel tied down by it. The idea of being with the same individual for the rest of your life doesn’t scare you to death. Maybe you desire a family one day. Maybe you think dating is stupid and just want to settle down. Maybe you just want that one person to share a bowl with after a long night of work, someone to have those special stoner moments with.

If you feel any of these ways, then most likely you are a single looking to have a Long Term Relationship.

LTRelationships is the perfect dating site with millions of active users daily, creating a huge pool of people to choose from. Best of all, users can write on their profiles what level of commitment they are interested in, what they are looking to get out of the dating site and their stances on smoking, making it easy to cut to the chase so you can spend more time dating intelligently and not simply hoping.

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2. Singles Looking to Hookup

Cannabis Dating

Is this you?

You’re someone who enjoys being young and having fun. Commitment isn’t for you and you know maybe one day you’ll be ready to settle down, but now is definitely not the time. You might enjoy being really charismatic and talking to lots of different social groups and personality types. You might like to party and mingle. Maybe you like smoking out with lots of different people any day or night of the week. Dating for you can likely sometimes be difficult, because while all your friends are getting married and having kids, you just want to have a good time and get blazed.

Thanks to EliteSingles.com you can search for like minded people who think exactly the way you do. Elite allows you to read all about a person on their profile, including their dating desires plus whether or not they love reefer like you do. That way you don’t have to go on countless dates with individuals who desire marriage and see a long term future out of their partner or are ultra-conservative about ganja. Instead, directly contact people who want to hook up just like you do and have a nice smoke sesh.

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Final Thoughts

Don’t worry about the difficulties of finding what you want in dating. Whether you desire Long Term Relationships or a Fun Hookup, online dating has the answers for you with millions of active users every day, so you can get one step closer to achieving exactly what you desire!