LeafedIn: All You Need to Know

The cannabis industry is reaching unprecedented levels of popularity and interest. Yet it is still stigmatized and quasi-secretive in nature. Therefore, you may be wondering just how to connect with other people in the industry. You may want to get in on your dream cannabis career or increase your already-established cannabis company’s clientele. The good news is that one company has taken this step to connect people all over the globe with cannabis-related professionals; this company is known as LeafedIn.

If you’ve ever used the popular professional networking service LinkedIn, then you are already on your way to understanding one of the newest additions to the marijuana industry, LeafedIn. This review will give you the information you need about this beneficial and innovative network that can help you and your cannabis endeavors come to fruition.

What Is LeafedIn?

LeafedIn is a recent development in the marijuana industry, emerging nearly two years ago. The founders behind the site wanted a platform to bring together the marijuana community. They wanted to give everyone free access to a network that could connect marijuana enthusiasts and professionals all under one roof. It focuses on connecting people with cannabis-related work, careers, vendors, and dispensaries. It is an excellent resource for increasing the clientele to your business or simply trying to reach out and get your dream career started.

Either way, it is a safe and fast way to connect yourself with people who may be of valuable interest to you. So whether you are searching for a specific type of weed or merely looking for new medical patients and to increase knowledge and understanding of cannabis, LeafedIn has got you covered. The site is anonymous and free, so it gives everyone the perfect way to connect if they are uneasy about a community based on such a stigmatized substance.

The app is also location-based and uses real-time maps so users can look up what’s available locally and immediately connect with those in their vicinity. The network has thousands of users already. So more and more people are finding out about LeafedIn, and the chances of you coming into contact with that special connection are ever-increasing.

You can search the grid by a variety of filters such as by location, keyword, distance, and even amount of reviews. So you can find exactly what you want with just a few clicks. To register, all you have to do is hit the sign up button. And within minutes, you are ready to go. You can then start searching for whatever may interest you, whether it be a vendor, an employer, or a seasonal worker.

What Does LeafedIn Offer?


LeafedIn offers its users a safe and anonymous place to connect with other cannabis-minded individuals in their local area or from afar. They offer a service that can connect people with dispensers, consumers, employers, and even workers – much like the popular social networking service known as LinkedIn. However, the main focus of LeafedIn is on the cannabis industry. Users can message other users within site, and LeafedIn acts as a facilitator between two parties.

LeafedIn is not responsible for anything that occurs or happens in real life; it’s only there to provide a connection. You still must use common sense and good judgment when it comes to meeting others that you come in contact with on the site. It’s the same as any other site out there, so common sense is a must.

LeafedIn also offers a ‘News’ section where you can catch up on all the new and latest knowledge about anything cannabis-related. They have all sorts of articles about cannabis, new and upcoming laws, exciting facts, and medical information/articles about cannabis. This section of the website can help increase awareness and understanding of the hemp plant and to end the stigma associated with the controversial plant. Additionally, it’s great for keeping up on the newest and latest trends in the ever-expanding and dynamic industry that is the cannabis sector.

Is LeafedIn Safe to Use?

Another feature of LeafedIn that is super beneficial is what is known as ‘The Blacklist.’ On this scammers list, users can anonymously write reviews on people or companies that have scammed them. They can include the region, what the scammers call themselves (such as an alias), their contact information, as well as information on the situation itself and what exactly happened. You can search for your specific region in the search box to find any suspicious activity in your area, and to help make sure you avoid doing business with them.

This is extremely helpful, as users can share information about suspicious activity to mitigate risks and keep everyone safe. This feature can also help to decrease the amount of scamming in the cannabis industry – with people having a platform to expose their exploitations in a secret and safe place.

What Exactly Can LeafedIn Do for Me?

LeafedIn can help you start expanding or growing your career in the cannabis industry. Whether you are new or already an established employer, there is something for everyone on LeafedIn. If you are searching for a job, you can go to the ‘Jobs’ section of the website and see posts from all over the world that are cannabis-related. You can also search by keyword and by location to find jobs that suit your particular needs and interests. Employers can also post a job to find the perfect employee for their company. It’s excellent on both ends of the spectrum.

This network can also help cannabis companies to advertise their business and boost their sales. They have many different advertising options on their website, and you can choose from any of them. You will need to pay, of course, but the fee may be worth it in the long run with more sales and new customers. There is the option to be a sponsor, run an advertising banner on their site, use their social media amplification, and more. You can also target specific audiences through algorithms to help you reach your desired potential customers.

Overall, LeafedIn is a site that can help you to take your cannabis career to the next level by offering you the ability to connect and communicate with others with the same cannabis-friendly mindset as you. It’s also safe and free, so it’s practically risk-free, providing that you exercise reasonable caution and common sense while using it.

Final Thoughts on LeafedIn Social Weed Network

With how new the legal cannabis industry is, it may be hard to find and connect with others who have similar goals and interests in the industry. That is why LeafedIn is such a unique and valuable resource to people all over the globe. It can anonymously connect employers and potential workers safely and securely, without the stigma that you might find on other networks and job-search sites.

The site has many different features, such as the ability to advertise to search for jobs, to read up on all the newest and latest cannabis news, and even a blacklist where users can report suspicious or shady activities. This includes information on people such as scammers and con artists, to help keep everyone safe.

The map feature is also especially helpful. You can see what’s available in your area on a convenient and customized map.

Not every single person in the cannabis industry has signed up or even knows about LeafedIn. However, the site does have thousands of users, and the number is growing day by day. It offers a convenient and anonymous way for people to enter the cannabis industry or improve what they already have set up. For this reason, it is an excellent resource for anyone cannabis-friendly to consider joining as it has the potential to help grow your dream of a cannabis career into a reality.