Is Kosher CBD Oil a Thing? [What It Is and Where to Get It]

The best kosher CBD brands and where to find them

As typically happens with any emerging capitalist market, the CBD industry has been finding all sorts of “new and exciting” ways to market hemp-based extracts in recent years. While standard CBD oils (therapeutic tinctures with an abundance of perceived medical benefits) continue to dominate the market, other products like CBD pills, CBD edibles, and CBD topical lotions are quickly increasing in popularity.

Of course, some of these “new and exciting” products are nothing more than silly marketing gimmicks; CBD Beard Oil and tropical-flavored CBD Cake Pops? Come on.

However, one particular area where the market has seen a concerning lack of quality products emerge is in certified kosher CBD oil. It would seem that this would be a market most any major brand would want to corner, but in reality, few (if any) reputable companies have stepped up to the plate to get their tinctures (and/or other hemp-based products) certified by the Orthodox Union.

That is, until now.

In this article, we discuss what exactly kosher CBD oil is, how it’s made, and where you can get it – no matter where you live. Enjoy.

Kosher CBD Oil? Wait…. What does ‘kosher’ even mean?

If you’ve gone online and searched something along the lines of ‘where can I buy kosher CBD oil,’ we’ll go ahead and assume you’re already familiar with what the term ‘kosher’ means. For everyone else, let us explain.

Simply put, ‘kosher’ refers to food and drink products that are made with ingredients acceptable by orthodox Jewish law. In other words, under the Orthodox Union definition, Kosher foods are “permitted to be eaten and can be used as ingredients in the production of additional food items.”

Since hemp (and its CBD extracts) are largely sold as food and nutrition supplements, it would make sense that there is a marketable demand for legitimate, high-quality kosher CBD oils.

By most interpretations, kosher food items fall into three broad categories: meats, dairy products, and pareve. Since cannabis is neither a meat nor a dairy product, one would (correctly) assume that CBD hemp oil falls under the category of ‘pareve.’

Even though pareve constitutes “fewer kosher complexities” (according to the OK Kosher Certification group) than meat or dairy products, there are still a couple of key considerations that must be made in order for a pareve item to be deemed legitimately ‘kosher.’ Strictly speaking, these are:

  • A pareve food item may lose its status if “processed on meat or dairy equipment, or when additives are used”
  • Fruit/vegetable/grain products (including hemp/cannabis) must be inspected for insects and/or insect larvae (all forms of insects are strictly non-kosher)

But what about other non-kosher food items? According to Torah law, all of the following (among other things) are strictly ‘non-kosher,’ and should not be consumed by those who observe the orthodox Jewish faith:

  • Pork
  • Shellfish and crustaceans
  • Fish that do not have scales or fins
  • Animals that do not have cloven hooves (i.e. pigs, hares/rabbits, rodents, etc)
  • Animals that do not ruminate (i.e. horses)
  • All reptiles
  • Most invertebrates/insects

Realistically, the complete/exhaustive laws of kosher food and drink are quite complex, and are open to various degrees of interpretation depending on the level of orthodoxy with which they are expounded. (If you desire more information, here is a much more thorough explanation of what exactly is embodied by the term ‘kosher’).

Finally, it’s important to point out that even if a food or drink ingredient is deemed kosher, it must be slaughtered/prepared/processed in a certain “prescribed manner,” and may not be “manufactured or consumed together” with any other non-kosher ingredient.

Now that you have some idea of what is actually meant by the term ‘kosher,’ let us take a look at what is kosher CBD oil, and where you can go about finding some.

Kosher CBD oil: What it is, and where to buy it

Ciitech cannabidiol uk

If you do a little online searching, you’ll find a few cannabis brands here and there that have supposedly been certified as kosher. However, there is really only one brand that we’re aware of that is going through all of the proper steps to really acquire legitimate kosher CBD oil certification, and that is the United Kingdom’s Provacan label, which is run under Israeli biotech research organization CiiTECH.

Believe it or not, CiiTECH is actually heavily involved with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is currently sponsoring two clinical trials on the use of CBD for obesity and asthma. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is home to some of the most advanced cannabis-based research in the world, and is in fact home to the “father of modern cannabis” himself, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

Provacan CBD has indeed only recently hit the UK hemp market, but has already gained notoriety as one of the highest-quality CBD oil tinctures available. They currently offer shipping to all addresses in the UK, and last we heard, were working feverishly to try and add the USA to their list of countries they can ship to.

Given their close affiliation with Israel and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it makes sense that Provacan would be one of the first companies to take the appropriate steps in gaining legitimate certification for a kosher CBD oil. They have consistently ranked in as one of the best and most reputable CBD brands in the United Kingdom, so if you are looking to buy kosher CBD products, we highly recommend them as your go-to source.

Final thoughts on kosher CBD oil and other kosher hemp-based products

Truth be told, it is about time that someone stepped up to the plate to add a well-made, top-shelf kosher CBD oil for sale to the global marketplace. While the hemp industry has seen countless amounts of “new” products developed for the sheer sake of increasing sales, kosher CBD is no doubt a product that the market desperately needed, and it couldn’t have come from a more highly-esteemed or reputable brand than Provacan.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a reliable kosher CBD oil (or other kinds of kosher CBD products), be sure to give them a call or check out their online store at