Juicy Fruit (Cannabis Strain Review)
November 9, 2018

Juicy Fruit (Cannabis Strain Review)

Everything you need to know about this fruity strain
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 9, 2018

Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

This invigorating marijuana strain tastes precisely as one would expect given the name. It is known for providing a mood boost, and it could be worth trying if you need a pick me up but don’t want to rely on pharmaceutical medicine. Users claim it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, but is this potent strain right for you?

What is Juicy Fruit?

Juicy fruit Cannabis Strain

Also known as Fruity Juice, Juicy Fruit is a slightly sativa-dominant (55%) hybrid, and some varieties have a massive 26% THC content! It is heralded as a great option for those who need an energy boost when out socializing; most of the population in other words!

Juicy Fruit was developed by Sensi Seeds, and while you can enjoy a slightly less potent form of the strain with 16% THC, the full-strength version has become extremely popular with recreational and medical users alike. It is a cross of an Afghani and a Golden Triangle Thai. Those in the know understand that these two lineages are renowned for their enjoyable effects, so the happiness you feel when consuming Juicy Fruit is to be expected.

Juicy Fruit Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

You will notice that Juicy Fruit has large leaves and it is an aesthetically pleasing strain. The forest-green nugs are complemented by pistils with a peach color, purple hues, and a gorgeous, thick trichome coat.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Juicy Fruit’s aroma matches its name. The fruity, citrus scent seems fresh – as if you’re inhaling newly picked oranges and lemons. There are also hints of tropical pineapple, and when you light it up, the rewarding scent fills the air for some time.

The best way to describe Juicy Fruit is ‘mouth-watering,’ just like the chewing gum! It has a sweet berry and citrus taste. When combined with the pineapple and sour lemon tanginess, you have a smoke that’s just as refreshing as it is rewarding. The fruity aftertaste is also delicious, and it lingers gloriously.

Juicy Fruit Grow Info

Juicy Fruit is widely regarded as being one of the easiest marijuana strains to grow. Although it thrives in a warm, dry, sunny environment, such as in California, you can also grow this strain indoors and maximize yield by utilizing the Sea of Green growing method. It is considered a ‘high’ yielder, and since it is capable of growing tall, indoor growers may need to use a low-stress training technique to keep the plants in check.

When you grow Juicy Fruit indoors, it should flower in 8-9 weeks. You can expect up to 18 ounces per square meter planted. Assuming you live in the right climate, Juicy Fruit grown outdoors can provide you with a whopping 21 ounces per plant. It flowers towards the end of the summer and is ready for harvest in late September or early October.

Juicy Fruit Effects

If you are in need of a mood boost, look no further than Juicy Fruit! For an increasing number of users, Juicy Fruit is one of the best ways to begin their day. In fact, we have heard reports of people replacing their morning coffee with this strain! If you require a little bit of extra energy to complete any task, consider a few smokes of Juicy Fruit because it provides you with a decent jolt; who needs Red Bull?

Once you use Juicy Fruit, you can expect to begin with a euphoric head high, yet you are still clear-minded enough to get all of your daily tasks done. It is known for the positive effects it has on your mood, and in some cases, your enthusiasm can become infectious to those around you! As it is a fairly potent strain, Juicy Fruit should be used with caution if you are a novice.

Potential Medical Benefits of Juicy Fruit

As it has minimal CBD content to counteract the powerful high, Juicy Fruit is probably best used medicinally by individuals who have used marijuana before. It is becoming popular with patients suffering from mental health disorders. It is also championed by those with depression because it helps them relax while also elevating their mood.

If you have work-related stress and can handle the effects, you should consider using Juicy Fruit before work. Not only will it make you feel better, but it slowly energizes you, and enables you to get through yet another grueling day in the office.
If you have chronic pain, Juicy Fruit can be effective. It is widely used by patients with migraines, back pain, and muscle spasms. Cancer patients also use it because it potentially reduces nausea experienced when undergoing chemotherapy.

Possible Side Effects Associated with Juicy Fruit

Juicy fruit Cannabis Strain Review

The most important thing to note is the potency of Juicy Fruit. With such a high level of THC involved, overconsumption could lead to anxiety and paranoia. We recommend using a small dose initially; only increase it if you believe the first dose hasn’t been effective.

As for minor side effects, you can expect to have dry mouth and perhaps a case of dry-eyes. Dehydration is possible but easy to combat – just drink lots of water before, during, and after a session! A small percentage of users also report mild dizziness and slight headaches. Once again, this is probably due to excessive consumption.

Final Thoughts on Juicy Fruit

Juicy fruit Marijuana Strain Review

Overall, Juicy Fruit is a fantastic strain whether you’re using it medically or recreationally. As an everyday strain, it provides you with a potent high but never threatens to interfere with your day-to-day tasks. In fact, it will probably help you get through a long day. As a form of medicine, Juicy Fruit could be effective for mood disorders or pain.

It is one of the best strains to grow if you’re a novice, and while it enjoys warm outdoor climates, you can expect a bountiful harvest when growing indoors. Make sure you keep a close eye on the plants because they grow exceedingly tall, and use a low stress training technique if necessary.

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