Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts [Your Informative Guide & Infographic]

There are probably thousands of marijuana-related terms; ranging from outdated jargon such as ‘reefer’ to more modern creations such as 420. Many of these words can be used interchangeably. For example, reggie, ditch weed, and schwag all denote low-quality cannabis.

However, there are a few terms that should never be used in this manner, primarily because they don’t mean the same thing at all! The entire joint, spliff, and blunt debate is a prime example. These are three ways to enjoy the herb and even have the same delivery method (combusting the weed and inhaling the smoke.) However, they can provide a different high; mainly because they are not the same!

These days, we are blessed with an immense choice when it comes to how we use weed, not to mention the quality of what we use. For instance, you have the option to vape weed and make it less likely that you’ll have a coughing fit. You can also purchase concentrates with a THC content of 70%+.

Despite these innovations, there is nothing quite like the experience of smoking weed via a joint, spliff, or blunt. These are old-school methods of using marijuana, and each one has attained a degree of popularity in a different part of the world. Without further ado, let’s investigate the differences between the three ways of smoking cannabis.

Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts

What Is a Joint?

In many ways, the humble joint is the classic representation of marijuana. Whenever you see a depiction of the noble art of smoking weed, it is likely to contain the image of a joint as the consumption method of choice.

The most important aspect of a joint is that it contains nothing but marijuana; hopefully, top-shelf! These days, you can find pre-rolled joints fairly easily in legal states. If you want to try your hand at rolling one, all you need are rolling papers, weed, and a degree of patience. Typically, you grind up your weed, add it to the paper, roll it up, light the joint, and enjoy!

You have the option of rolling the paper into a straight or cone-shaped joint. Although it is simple, it is a long way from being boring. There are rolling papers made from flax, rice, or hemp. In the modern era, users are treated to different flavor options, including bubblegum, apple, and watermelon. Popular brand names include RAW and Zig-Zag.

For the most part, joints retain the same old-school light tan or white coloring. However, you can now purchase joints in a wide, and sometimes bizarre, array of colors. If you are an advanced roller, you can try extra-large joints or the famous ‘tulip’ which is a large bulb of weed sitting on top of the joint.

The cross joint is another legendary joint option and consists of three joints attached to form the shape of a crucifix.

What Is a Blunt?

In terms of what goes into it, the classic blunt is a little different to a joint. The main difference is that you can fit a LOT more herb into a blunt. Why? Because you need to use a cigar wrap to create one. Option A involves cutting open a cigar, removing the tobacco, and adding the weed instead. Option B is easier: Purchase empty wraps at a store!

Incidentally, cigar wraps are normally created using compressed tobacco leaves. However, if you’re feeling especially innovative, you can use dried and processed marijuana leaves instead. As blunt wraps are a lot wider than rolling papers, it is easy to add several times more herb than in a joint.

A classic blunt is brown and should resemble a cigar. The flavor is also likely to be significantly different, although it depends on the type of wrap you use. For example, a tobacco leaf wrap will ensure there is more than a hint of tobacco in your blunt.

What Is a Spliff?

The spliff isn’t used in North America that often. It is almost the same as a joint only for one VERY important distinction: You put weed and tobacco inside. In general, the pre-rolled spliffs you’ll find shouldn’t contain more than 50% tobacco. Frankly, if you want tobacco, buy a cigarette!

The inclusion of tobacco is the only thing that separates a spliff from a joint. A spliff includes rolling papers, and you can create the same weird and wonderful creations as you would with a joint. You’ll find that the flavor of a spliff is closer to a cigarette than a joint; especially if you normally smoke weed and rarely bother with tobacco.

What’s Better (Joints, Spliffs, or Blunts)?

All three options have their pros and cons; so, let’s look at them individually.

Pros and Cons of Joints


The fact that the joint has been around for so long is a clear indication of its many plus points. First and foremost, it is relatively easy to learn how to roll one. Aside from weed, the only things you really need are rolling papers and a lighter. You can also include a filter if that is your preference.

Once you have a bit of experience, you’ll be able to roll a joint in 2-3 minutes. Joints are also small and easy to transport. You can even stash them in a cigarette box! Assuming you use normal rolling papers, there is nothing to interfere with the great taste of your weed. Then there is the small matter of versatility. You can add kief or sprinkle some concentrate on your weed while rolling for an extra kick.


If you are a novice user, you’ll probably find that joints burn extremely quickly, and also have to be relit quite often. This usually happens if your rolling technique is too loose or tight. If you don’t roll a joint properly, it could also lead to side burn; a royal pain in the ass that can render a joint unusable.

Pros and Cons of Blunts


If you are chasing a major high, you need to try a blunt! Even experienced users will find that a single blunt takes care of their weed needs. If the exterior is made from a tobacco leaf, you can also benefit from a mild buzz, similar to what you might experience after a strong cup of coffee.

Blunt wrappers are far thicker than the rolling papers used for joints. As a result, a blunt will burn for a LOT longer. If you’ve ever been in a group trying to pass a joint, you’ll know that aside from having to relight the damn thing, you’re lucky to get in a couple of quick tokes. With a blunt, sharing is a lot easier, and there is much more fun to be had when three people get stoned in the space of a few minutes!

A final benefit of a blunt is the infamous time bomb! This involves combining a joint with a blunt. After you have burned through the joint, you get an explosion of flavor and an experience you’ll find it hard to replicate with any other form of marijuana consumption.


The main issue with blunts is the difficulty in rolling one. If you find it tough to roll a joint, you’ll be driven insane trying to roll a blunt! Even when you know what you’re doing, it can take a long time to get it done. Therefore, blunts are best saved for special occasions or if you are part of a group of people looking to get stoned.

Pros and Cons of Spliffs


The presence of tobacco means that a spliff burns longer than a joint (although it doesn’t compare to the burn time of a blunt). You are also unlikely to be troubled by side burning because the tobacco ensures that everything burns at an even rate. The nicotine in tobacco releases adrenaline and can also increase your blood sugar levels.

Spliffs have the same portability, and ease of creation benefits as joints. You may also find a spliff better for a clandestine smoke because the smell of tobacco can mask the tell-tale whiff of weed.


There are a couple of major downsides to using spliffs. First of all, as they aren’t packed with as much weed as joints, it takes longer to get stoned. Secondly, you are putting your health at risk. While combusting weed can release carcinogens, combusting tobacco releases hundreds of cancer-causing toxins. If you don’t normally use tobacco, there is also a danger of addiction.

Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts [Visual Explanation]

We would like to thank the guys over at LeafScience for this amazing infographic

Joints vs Spliffs vs Blunts [ Visual Explanation]


Final Thoughts on the Great Joints vs. Spliffs vs. Blunts Debate

Ultimately, it would be incorrect for us to tell you which one is the ‘best’ because there is no ‘right’ answer. It depends entirely on your personal preference. What we can tell you is that a joint is a lot more affordable than a blunt. You can get dozens of rolling papers for a buck whereas cigar wraps cost a bit more. Incidentally, a fronto leaf arguably offers better bang for your buck than a cigar wrap.

If you want to keep your marijuana intake down, a spliff is the preferred option of the three. However, remember that you’ll be consuming tobacco instead of weed, which is never a good choice for health reasons.  A blunt lasts much longer than a joint and ensures a more potent high, but is much tougher to roll.

Overall, spliffs are for existing tobacco users who want to try a small amount of weed. Joints are perfect for everyday use, whereas blunts are the thing to mark a special occasion or significant achievement.