Weed Plants: How to Tell Between Male and Female

Know which ones to grow!

This article is geared towards new cannabis users but the information in it is quite important to know.
Did you know that there are both male and female marijuana plants? The thing that most people are unaware of is that only female plants produce buds.

In general, the sex of your plant is all to do with genetics, but it can also be influenced by the environment.

As in humans, cannabis plants have two pairs of sex chromosomes, one of which carries the genes that determine the sex. Male plants have the XY chromosome and females have XX.

When cannabis grows in nature, it has a 50:50 chance of being male or female but when growing you should control the sex of your plants, especially if you want to get the most THC out of your garden.

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When does a plant reveal its sex?

Cannabis plants grow in stages; first, you have the “vegetative” stage, and then you have the “flowering” stage. Roughly after 6 weeks of growing, the plant will enter the flowing stage and start to reveal its sex. At this point, female plants will grow buds. Those are the amazing things you end up smoking, buds that are packed with THC.

Female marijuana plants start showing one or two wispy white hairs where their buds eventually form. Male plants, on the other hand, have grape-like balls which form and fill with pollen. The balls will first show up slightly after the plant enters the flowering stage.

A few things to take into consideration about pollination, especially if you are a grower. If a female plant should receive pollen from the male plant, it will no longer focus its energy on growing flowers, but instead, start to produce seeds.

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A good healthy female plant will produce lots of seeds, but unless you want to breed plants, they won’t really help you in any way. Most growers tend to remove male plants to avoid the female plant from catching the pollen.

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How to Grow Female Plants

There is no real trick or hack around this. Sure, we’ve heard a few stories of growers that manipulate their seeds using different growing techniques, but your best bet is to simply purchase female seeds.

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