How to Roll a Joint That Lights Itself | Video Guide
February 7, 2017

How to Roll a Joint That Lights Itself | Video Guide

The ultimate party trick
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on February 7, 2017

How to roll a joint that lights itself

If you’ve been smoking for a while then you’ve probably mastered the art of rolling a joint. If you haven’t then you should check out the following article:

8 Steps to Rolling the Perfect Joint

In this article we are going to teach you how to roll a joint that lights itself. It might not be the most practical way to light a joint, but it is a nice trick that you can impress your friends with at your next 420-meetup.

Just one thing to take into consideration before rolling this joint; It tends to turn out more fragile and can easily break. The reason behind this is because less rolling paper is used compared to a regular joint.

How to Roll a Joint That Lights Itself

Step 1

Roll a clutch, similar to a normal joint.

Step 2

Lay the rolling paper out, so that the sticky bit is on the outer side of the joint. When rolling the joint, the sticky side needs to cover the filter.

Step 3

Place bud on paper

Fill the paper with some of your finest bud and roll between your fingertips so that the bud is compressed to the bottom of the joint.

Step 4

Start rolling in order to flatten out the joint. You can slide the joint between two fingers to the tip. Lick the sticky glue on the rolling paper and roll away.

Step 5

Push down on your bud to get it nice and condensed using a pointer or a pencil.

Step 6

Unlike a normal joint where the rolling paper is nicely folded into the roll, here you’ll be left with some of the paper sticking out. This is fine, as this will act as the tail.

Step 7

Light up a joint

Light the joint from the tail, when the fire gets to the beginning of the joint take a nice puff.

Step 8


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