How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your Vape

Whether you have been using vapes for years or you are still relatively new to the industry, there will come a time when you need to upgrade your device. This can be both exciting and challenging; with so many sleek vape devices on the market, it can be tough to know where to start.

But why would you upgrade in the first place? We understand that it can be hard to part ways with a good vape – they are not so easy to come by after all! However, the truth is that the majority of vapes don’t last forever, and using an old or damaged device can be risky for your health.

That’s why we have put together an all-you-need-to-know guide so that you know WHEN your vape is ready for an upgrade!

The Vaping Phenomenon

Vaping has been around for hundreds of years, however not quite as we know it now! In fact, it wasn’t until 1963 that vaping became popular, and over recent years we have seen it thrive as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Originally developed as a less risky way to consume nicotine, vaping is now almost seen as being fashionable. With more models and designs being developed to be sleeker, more compact, and more hi-tech, it is no longer just about the health benefits!

Naturally, as the awareness surrounding the health benefits of cannabis has increased, we have also seen a rise of marijuana users reaching for a vape over the traditional joint. Particularly for patients who want to avoid any extra risk to their health, the vape has become a go-to option.

Upgrading Your Vape: When You Know, You Know

vape upgrades

When the time comes to upgrade your vape, you will know about it! Whether the device has come to the end of its life, or you just fancy a change, there are a variety of motivations behind upgrading, and when you know, you know.

But what are the most common reasons for WHY people choose to trade in for a newer model? We have taken a look at some of the most common reasons behind upgrading a vaping device, and how you will know when it’s time.

Peer Pressure

It might not seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised at how many people choose to buy a new device due to peer pressure. There is something highly motivating about being surrounded by friends with brand new toys, and whether yours is old or pretty new, if it’s not as good as theirs, you will most likely want to upgrade!

Partly down to the classic fear of missing out, and a little bit due to only wanting the best model of the moment, it is easier said than done to resist the call of peer pressure.

All the Mod Cons

This one is true particularly to those who are new to the vaping world and have started off with the typical vape pen. Your device may work perfectly, but it won’t do a lot of the things your friends can do. With no screen to view stats, no option to create cool bursts of vape smoke, and nothing special to look at, the draw of having all the mod cons is a significant reason for many people upgrading before they necessarily need to.

Leveling Up

As a newbie to the vaping world, you are likely to kick-off with a vape pen. They are cheap, super easy to use, and pretty discreet, which makes them a popular choice for the less experienced smoker.

However, after a few months of vaping, you are likely going to feel dissatisfied with your vape pen. You know what you’re doing now, and you have seen the range of options out there, from hundreds of incredible liquids to try to dozens of different vape devices that all boast special features, you are likely to outgrow your vape pen and be ready for the next level of vape device!

Battery Life

Perhaps one of the most common reasons behind why you might want to upgrade your vape is the battery life. If you have a vape pen, you will understand what we mean; the batteries are known for lasting much less time than some of the more advanced devices.

Unfortunately, with vape pens as well as low-powered ‘fixed battery’ mods, the battery will eventually die, and once this happens your vape is rendered useless. It is for this reason that so many people are in a never-ending cycle of upgrading, and it is one of the few significant downfalls to the vaping world.


It may sound vain, but it is merely a fact that the new and upcoming vapes across the industry are getting sleeker and sexier by the minute! If you are massively into your vapes, then you will likely never be seen without one in your hand, and if this is the case then style is everything!

If you are still donning a 2006 vape pen, it is likely to be scratched and beaten up (because, let’s face it, how often does that thing get dropped?), and you will eventually hand it in for a shinier, smaller, and more fancy looking device!


Finally, another very obvious tell-tale sign that it is time to bin your vape and get a new one is the quality of your experience when smoking it. If you aren’t enjoying the experience, then it is probably due to either your whole vape or specific parts of it becoming tired and old.

Does your liquid not taste as expected? Burning sensation when you smoke? These are common amongst overused and old vape devices. There is such a thing as ‘ghost smell’ which can haunt the liquid chamber for months after you used it, which can ruin any future uses and is impossible to get rid of!

Maybe it is the quality of the usage of the vape that is the issue; if you have a broken screen and can no longer see your stats when vaping, this can make the experience a difficult one. While of course it is possible to replace certain parts of a vape, it is often more appealing to buy a brand new one!

How to Know When It’s Time to Ugrade your Vape Conclusion

Regardless of your reasoning, any vape user will tell you that when it’s time to upgrade, you will know it. From aesthetics to the quality of the experience itself, it has to be something you can enjoy and come back to with ease!

Besides, it is always exciting to upgrade to something that can do all the tricks and has all the customization settings you could only dream of!

After all, you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself, but it certainly helps!

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