How to Get a Job on a Marijuana Farm: Do You Have a Chance?

To the many cannabis enthusiasts across the globe, getting a job on a marijuana farm can seem like hitting the jackpot. Being out in nature, tending to the hemp plants as if they were your own children, and knowing that you are making a difference in an industry that can help so many people in a natural way can be satisfaction enough.

But in addition to this, you also are likely to become part of a marijuana family/community and understand the plant in many new ways – bonding to nature, other people, and surely getting to know strains of marijuana in ways that many other people do not. But although this may be the perfect job for some, how likely is it to actually get in on this industry?

In this article, we will be taking a look on how to get a job on a marijuana farm and the chances of successfully doing so. So, read on if you’ve always dreamed about working for a marijuana farm, fulfilling your passion and making a difference in the world of hemp!

Networking in the Hemp Industry

When it comes to the cannabis and hemp industry, a lot of the times the farms are owned by small communities or families and they may be very careful about who they let in. So if you would like to work on a marijuana farm, the first step you’re going to have to make is to network and branch out to make connections. If you make connections and build relationships with people who are in the marijuana industry, you have a much better chance of gaining their trust and finding a way into this very exclusive industry.

The hemp farms may be very special or important to some people and may have nostalgic significance, so getting into work for such a farm will require proof of your passion and dedication to their special business. If you can show someone that you are just as passionate about their farm as if it were your very own, then you may have a chance at getting a job on a marijuana farm by being let into a family or community that sees your potential.

Start Your Own Weed Farm

marijuana farm

If you are really ambitious, you can even go so far as to start your own marijuana farm if you would like to work in the marijuana industry. It may not be as stress-free and simple as working for someone who has already established property and has plants set up, and you will need to buy your own land, invest in seeds, employees and other machines to help in the production of your hemp plants.

With this method of getting a job on a marijuana farm, it is perhaps the most complex because you are going to have to start from scratch. If you have people with whom you can go in on the business with, however, it can significantly reduce the burden that is placed on owning your own farm. With others to share the prospective financial costs, it can help you to get it started all the easier.

Depending on how much drive and motivation you have for working on a marijuana farm, it may not always be the best option to start your own. You often need to have a long-term desire to successfully run and start a marijuana farm, as this is a permanent sort of ordeal. You can of course sell it if you become for some reason no longer interested in the farm, but then is still requires a lot of bureaucratic and legal paperwork and affairs.

Job Searching

In addition to networking or starting your very own marijuana farm, you can also take the traditional route of going online and applying for jobs at marijuana farms that are maybe larger in scale or produce hemp commercially. Applying for a job at a marijuana farm that is not family-owned may give you a better chance at getting in on the farm. Jobs in this industry can be competitive, but if the farm is large enough and employees are needed, you shouldn’t have a problem working for a larger or commercial farm that is less personable in nature. You just need to show proper work ethic and ability to do the job.

Of course the benefits of working for a smaller community or family-owned farm outweigh working for a commercial farm, but nonetheless, you still get to be living your passion and working with hemp plants. It also will require a lot of time and being outdoors possibly, so this is something that not a lot of people prefer to do as the mindset of our current society often seeks out office jobs in air-conditioned locations. So your chances may be better landing a job on a marijuana farm, as it is a lot of work that requires you to be out in the sun, or other harsh weather conditions. But if you are truly passionate about cannabis and enjoy spending time with Mother Nature, it’s definitely an investment worthy of your time and effort.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Job at a Marijuana Farm

If you have a passion for the cannabis plant and industry and wish to work on a marijuana farm, there are many different routes you can take to help yourself land the job in such a rewarding and satisfying industry. One of the biggest things you can do is to network, which can help expand your connections with people who can potentially give you jobs on marijuana farms. The closer you are to people and the more you network, the better chances you have of finding a job on a small family-owned farm. This is important to those who are searching for a more community and family-based atmosphere that can really offer a lifestyle rather than a job.

If you are not having success with making connections to small farms, you can still apply through the traditional route online and send in applications to work. Although it is not incredibly difficult to get a job at a marijuana farm, they still require you to have proper knowledge of plant anatomy, caretaking, and a strong work ethic, as the tasks required will often include being outside and doing physical activity. And lastly, if neither of these is the route you would like to take, you can also go about starting your own marijuana farm. This way would be the most surefire way to ensure that you have stable work and do land a job on a marijuana farm – as you are both the owner and your own boss.

So there are many different ways you can go about working on a marijuana farm and the chance you have at securing a job is often dependent upon your motivation and networking. Taking into account which type of farm or practice you would like to get into, they are all possible and you stand a good chance of getting a job on a marijuana farm given you have the passion, drive, and strong work ethic that is involved in such an industry.