Find Your Perfect Match Based Off These 4 Movies

Blaze it up and enjoy a classic film too

What a fantasy it is; to find that perfect stoner girl or guy who you can hit the bong or joint with, and watch your favorite marijuana movie classics. This dream isn’t so far from a reality. With these incredible dating sites, discover your ideal cannabis match within no time, and make your bake and watch film dreams come true!

Here Is How to Find Your Perfect Marijuana Match Based Off the Movies You Like:

1. The Big Lebowski


We’ve all seen the Big Lebowski. I mean come on, it’s a classic. Especially in the cannabis world. With so much underlying symbolism yet amazing and humorous writing, if you are really digging this movie then you’re probably the type of weed-lover that enjoys a life of substance meets good laughs. You probably think about things deeply, but don’t hang on to them for too long. Rather, you try and laugh about what occurs in your life and keep moving forward from it. If you’re looking for the perfect match, the ideal site for you to use would be 23% of user profiles on Elite420 show an acceptance or even admiration for cannabis, with many of these profiles discussing thoughtful topics and a desire for finding a partner that can make you laugh and laugh with you. With a huge pool of active members, the possibilities are endless, making your chances highly likely that you’ll find someone special before you know it. The best thing about Elite420 is that the registration is completely FREE

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel


If you love The Grand Budapest Hotel, then you are probably an intellectual stoner. Someone who loves the thoughtful details put into cinematography, especially a film directed by the brilliant Wes Anderson himself. Maybe the humor you like is more quirky, just like the characters of The Grand Budapest Hotel. If you are an intellectual minded individual who loves their reefer, searching for another intellectual 420-friendly person to start a life with or go out on a couple dates with, EliteCupid is the right site for you. Offering many features for free, this website has a huge selection of singles in every age range and gender, as well as a detailed profile write up, so that you can know immediately if a person sits on your same wave-length. If someone loves their ganja, they’ll likely write 420-friendly in their profile, and by reading all about them you’ll be quick to discover if their intellect seems like a perfect pairing with yours. Into quirky humor, find your perfect match on

3. Pineapple Express


Pineapple Express, a full-of-laughs stoner’s movie that portrays the life of a die-hard stoner, his dealer and some issues they encounter when being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is a film for those who love to laugh about silly things in life and not take themselves too seriously. If you are this persona of cannabis connoisseur, then the best dating site for you to find a match you can laugh with and maybe even date casually, would be ProfessionalHookups . 35% of users on eHarmony show an interest in casual dating or less serious relationships and mainly just joined a dating site to get to know more people and widen their circles. Find someone you can have a great time with. Stay playful, light and not too serious, all while having some romantic herb-infused fun. With this amazing site, you can Register for Free in Minutes and start exploring other stoner profiles that are in the same mind-set as you!

4. This Is Spinal Tap


A musician’s classic from the 1980’s, This Is Spinal Tap is one of the ultimate music parodies of the century, adored seriously by creative fans world-wide. If you love the green and love Spinal Tap, you’re probably a creative marijuana master. Maybe you’re a musician or an artist. Maybe you’re a writer or a dancer. Whatever your creative outlet may be, you probably desire to surround yourself with other creatives, and that includes when it comes down to dating too. makes it so simple to narrow down your search results to individuals who are similar minded to you with mutual shared interests. Filter your matches down to dates who are creative like you and maybe even 420-friendly. With these special features, you are bound to cut to the chase quickly and discover the right match for you.

With the help of these sites and knowing the movies you like, pin-point your persona and Discover the Match of Your Dreams. Before you know it, you’ll be in the exact type of relationship you desire, whether serious or fun and casual.