How to Dry Cannabis Flower [The RIGHT Way…]

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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 11, 2019

How to Dry Marijuana Flower [The RIGHT Way…]

If you’re a new grower, you would be forgiven for thinking that once you’ve carefully cultivated and harvested your precious marijuana plants, the hard work is over. Not quite! Unfortunately, you need to wait a little longer to enjoy the fruits of your labor, because the weed has to be trimmed, dried, and cured before it is ready for use.

While the trimming and drying aspects of cannabis preparation are essential, not everyone proceeds with the curing process, primarily because it isn’t 100% crucial, but also because it means waiting even longer to sample the crop. To be clear, expert growers recommend going through the full curing cycle because it increases potency and boosts the flavor and quality of your smoke. It also enables you to store your weed for longer.

Whether you decide to cure your marijuana or not, there is no question that you have to dry it properly in the first place, and that topic is the basis of this guide: how to dry marijuana flower… the right way!

A Few Things to Consider When Drying Weed

There are a number of new-fangled methods when it comes to how to dry marijuana flower – including freeze-drying – but the simplest way to do it also happens to be the most effective. The drying (and curing) process begins the second you cut down the cannabis plant. First and foremost, it is imperative that you are patient during the drying process because it has to be dried slowly!

However, you must ensure it doesn’t happen TOO slowly or else you risk mold growth. Impatient individuals make the mistake of using ovens, microwaves, and hot air fans in a bid to speed things up. You are welcome to try any of these tactics, but don’t blame us when your pot is ruined.

Experienced growers know that drying should take place in a dark environment, since exposure to sunlight reduces the cannabinoid content of weed. Darkness also reduces the level of chlorophyll in the plants, which is good news because too much of it results in a harsher smoke.

In terms of how to dry marijuana buds, no matter what process you use there is no getting away from the fact you have to trim the plant. It is no doubt a pain, and it feels as if it is taking forever, but you must complete the process for the sake of ending up with more aesthetically pleasing bud.

You can skip trimming and risk keeping leaves on the plant, but you’ll regret it when the weed burns your throat and lungs. Also, the sugar leaves on the bud have a lower THC concentration, so by avoiding trimming the plants; you are cheating yourself out of a damn good high.

Drying Marijuana Old School Style is STILL One of the Best Methods

One of the best ways to dry marijuana is to cut 12-inch branches from the plants, trim away the unwanted leaves, and hang the branches from coat hangers or even pieces of string! There is NO NEED to invest in expensive equipment as long as you have enough space to hang the plants.

The most crucial aspect of proper drying is to ensure your storage room is at the right temperature and humidity levels. As a general rule, keep the drying room between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit and ensure the humidity stays in the 45-55% range. It is okay to use a small fan to circulate the air; just don’t point it directly at the weed. If you have problems keeping the temperature and humidity levels at the recommended ranges, purchase a humidifier (or dehumidifier if necessary) and/or an air-conditioning unit.

Although hanging your buds upside down is the best method when considering how to dry weed, you can also lay them down flat on a surface such as cardboard if space is an issue. If you do this, make sure you turn the buds every few hours to avoid wet spots. Also, as you have to check on your buds daily, make sure your grow room is easy to access.

If you have the extra cash, you can purchase a special drying rack which will dry your buds faster than the clothes hanger method. This is mainly because you remove the moisture-laden stems from the buds. If you live in an excessively humid area, mold is going to be a problem, so it may be wise to invest in a rack.

How to Dry Weed: Feel the ‘Snap’ of Dry Buds

Depending on the conditions of the storage room, your buds should be fully dry in between five and nine days. If they are dried faster, you can still cure them, although that particular process will take longer. Once the buds are ready for curing (or using as you see fit), you should be able to snap off the smallest buds by applying minimal pressure.

The larger stems may still be bendy which means there is still moisture inside. That’s perfectly okay, because the curing process will cause the hidden water to work its way to the outside of the buds. If you have a large crop, you can place the branches in bins with the lids left off overnight.

Every day, slide your hand to the bottom of the bin and if there is more moisture than on the top, flip the branches over. Once the bottom feels the same as the top, you can put the lids on the containers.

How to Dry Marijuana… A “Pressing” Matter

In most cases, you won’t need to ‘press’ the cannabis, but if you grew weed nuggets outside that look bushy, pressing them will improve their appearance. It is best to perform this practice 5-9 days after hanging them up, because you want the marijuana to be slightly moist. Place the buds in plastic bags, roll them up and squeeze the weed. Place the bags beneath pillows or something similar for a few hours.

You must be careful when pressing marijuana, because if you’re too forceful, the trichomes will burst and reduce the overall quality. After a few hours, take the weed out of the bags. You’ll notice that the buds are sticking to one another, so separate them and return them to the hangers to complete the drying process. You can repeat the trick every two days until you’re satisfied with the aesthetics.

To Cure or Not to Cure your Weed?

Once the buds are dry enough for your liking, remove them from the branches and store in wide-mouth mason jars. You are free to use your marijuana at this stage, but bear in mind that its potency and flavor is nowhere near optimal. Experts believe that proper curing of cannabis makes up almost half of its final bud quality. In other words, having the patience to cure your weed correctly could double your enjoyment!

There is nothing difficult about curing marijuana; it just takes time. It involves placing the buds into mason jars until the containers are 75% full. Make sure the lids are tightened and store them in a cool and dark spot in a room with a temperature of 70 degrees and a humidity level of 60-65%.

Open the containers several times a day for the first week for a few minutes at a time to ensure the weed breathes. This action replenishes oxygen in the jars and allows more moisture to escape. After a week, you only need to open the jars once every couple of days. In most cases, 2-3 weeks of curing is enough to enhance the quality and potency of the herb significantly. However, it is best to keep the strains in the jars for up to 8 weeks.

Ultimately, you have to dry your marijuana buds if you wish to enjoy them later on. It is an easy, albeit slow, process. All you need is patience and a storage room at the right humidity and temperature. It is entirely up to you whether you wish to wait a few more weeks or months for curing. You can try your weed immediately after drying it, but we recommend curing it for better flavor and a more potent high.

So there it is… our quick little guide on how to dry marijuana buds — the RIGHT way! Happy growing, and as always, feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook page if you have any questions!

  1. James Jackson

    When you are drying marijuana, you must ensure that it must not catch fungus or get rotten. So make sure your container or pouch is clean and dry, and keep on checking the holder time and again, for any signs of deterioration. Usually nothing would go wrong, drying is pretty simple, but as a precaution you can keep a check.

  2. Gregg
    Drying weed in the sun is for fools

    Who the hell would dry buds in the sun.?
    Might as well put them in front of the wood stove. Some of the information out there is
    Ridiculous and seems to come from teenagers.

  3. Connie Alma
    Dry Indoors

    Drying marijuana is pretty simple. Most of these would take about a week to two, just lay over a flat surface or put them is some big container like thing, like a plastic cylindrical shaped vessel, which must be clean and dry itself, and leave it uncovered. You need not even put it under the sun as it can easily be dried indoors. However, make sure that the season you are drying it in, the atmospheric air must not be full of moisture. In that case better dry outside in the sun. And it will be ready for curing. If you are drying it in the sun, use a net or veil like cloth to keep it protected from dust and birds.

  4. Kowboy Watson
    Slow Mo the best way for a quality grower.

    Been growing weed most my life and I’m 55. I’ve grown in Northern California, southern California, the deserts of Arizona. I’m now growing in south west Michigan now and loving every minute of growing season. As far as the weather for the rest of the year,, well sucks. You bone heads should listen to the experience and not just think he’s blowing smoke up your ass.. Any body can grow fricken weed, but if you take the time and do what these folks have to say without these insane short cuts. Well I guessing you might get high for the first time all over again.

  5. Danielle
    Please help

    I Really love your comment Joel, it’s spot on lol. Can someone please advise how long after curing would be the best time to wait before turning it all into canna oil? One plant has been curing for about 2-3mths the other plant and strain about 2-3wks. Also looking for the best method to do it. Any advice is appreciated as this is my first time with my own grown goods.

  6. Michael
    How to dry weed

    I used to dry hanging upside down for many years.
    if I used my tent, its a waste of time about 10-14 days I could not use my tent.
    so I start hanging it in the room, but the smell was so strong.
    I started looking for a solution on the web and asked friends.
    there is a new product from Japan that dry the cannabis in a container, but the price is around 4k USD – no way.
    there is a machine called *wedryer* , cost around 100$. you can find it at
    it frees my tent a prevent mold spreading.
    ordered it and got it just in time to dry my GG#4 .
    I was able to squeeze inside about 3.2 pounds
    it has a special replaceable filter that filters all the odor.
    so I just hang it in my leaving room – man there was no odor.
    just took out the dry weed and the batch dried evenly.
    now my new clones are already 1 week old inside my tent.
    will let you know in a 2 weeks after curing the taste.

    1. bob420
      no more headakes

      i agree , i also use wedryer and it made my life so much simpler , no more smell so no more fear , perfect drying , and compact .

  7. Steve
    What I was looking for.

    “70 degrees and a humidity level of 60-65%.

    Open the containers several times a day for the first week for a few minutes at a time to ensure the weed breathes. This action replenishes oxygen in the jars and allows more moisture to escape. After a week, you only need to open the jars once every couple of days. In most cases, 2-3 weeks of curing is enough to enhance the quality and potency of the herb significantly. However, it is best to keep the strains in the jars for up to 8 weeks.”

    This comment was exactly looking for. This article was complete, concise and well written.

  8. Joe Falafel
    Best method to dry

    Nope – best and easiest way is to put the weed in a jar or bag with desiccant bags inside. They come with vitamins you order online for example. They will suck ALL moisture out over a 3 day period. You’re welcome.

    1. Joel

      “Nope” is the only word I would use to sum-up your comment. I believe the topic being discussed is drying, which is the step right after you cut down the plant. If you cut off a fresh bud and immediately put it into one of your magic jars to get “sucked” off the result of this is called Schwag weed. Did you even read the article above? Maybe you were referring to the curing step but again “Nope” is the perfect one-word response to your comment… drying fast is a horrible idea, which isn’t my opinion, its reality. Curing is also best done at a slow-n-steady pace, 3 days of curing is simply a ridiculous suggestion for either of these processes.
      (A proper drying/curing process is very similar to ‘good sex’. You simply can’t jump into it like a jackhammer and blow your load as quick as possible to get the euphoric feeling you’re looking for as that would then be considered very ‘bad sex’, for her sake. You need to slowly undress her (trimming process), gently blow on her to build anticipation (drying process), and ultimately tease her until she can’t take anymore (curing process), only then could you pull out your jackhammer method to finish her off… It’s not a race bro… oh and one more thing, “You’re Welcome!”

      1. bob420
        jars are for curing not drying

        bro i agree – these jars are for curing not for drying .
        if you put in a jar for drying you will have mold and your weed will smell bad .

        1. Smokelahoma420
          Your weed smells like hay

          Weed will smell like hay if you put it into a sealed container before properly drying it.

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