How These 4 Individuals Are Getting FREE Weed From the Government.

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Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on June 10, 2019

Over the last couple of months, the U.S. Government has been adamant about putting a stop to the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

Furthermore, the DEA is cracking down on dispensaries throughout the whole country, forcing states to change their rules and regulations. While some states are trying to avoid a general crackdown, protecting their users by disposing of client information after 48 hours, other states are struggling to find a solution.

On the one hand, there are states like Colorado that are showing outstanding marijuana revenue numbers that could be the holy grail to saving the U.S. economy and, in addition, there is constant research coming out, showing weed’s profound medical effects on different illnesses and diseases. But, on the other hand, we have a government that is being fueled by entirely different motives, enhancing prohibition.

Sometimes it seems as if Marijuana enthusiasts are fighting a losing battle until you hear news like the following that completely blows your mind…

For the past 3 decades, a handful of Americans have been receiving regular deliveries of high-grade free weed. All courtesy of the federal government. heard it right…

According to CBS News, it’s all part of the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program, a little-known initiative that grew out of a 1976 court decision that created the nation’s first legal pot smokers.

Furthermore, out of the 14 people who were in the program initially, 4 are still alive. This 1990 photo shows the first five patients in the program. Among them is Robert Randall (standing) who is known as the “father of medical marijuana.”

Other participants of the program have included Elvie Meshika a 72-year old woman, who receives 300 joints of high potency marijuana a month and Ervin Roosenvelt, who has supposedly smoked about 135,000 free joints.

Can You Join the Program?

Unfortunately Not!

The government stopped accepting new patients into its program in 1992 due to a crackdown on crime and public health authorities concluding it had no scientific value.

Therefore, as of now, only those that were accepted to the original program can receive the government’s marijuana that comes from Mississippi, by way of a lab in North Carolina.

According to CBS News, the free weed is rolled into cigarettes, packed into steel tins and sent to patients.

How Comes You’ve Never Heard of the Program?

Apparently, this is not the first time that a news company has tried to uncover the government’s program.

When Fox News explored the topic and called the DEA to inquire, they said they weren’t authorized to speak about it and referred them to the Department of Justice, who were also not authorized. It seems as if everyone keeps on running into dead ends when exploring the topic and the few who do know about the program simply will not answer questions about it.

What’s the Solution?

Unfortunately the Free Weed Program has ended but that doesn’t mean that you can’t receive weed for different medical conditions including major discounts of purchases. The problem is, as marijuana is still classed illegal on a Federal level, there is no one set of rules that dictate the exact healthcare conditions to which a patient is eligible to be treated with Marijuana. This has led each state to adopt its own exact list of qualifying conditions and laws about who can and cannot receive medical marijuana as a treatment. If you are in desperate need for medical marijuana then your best bet would be to contact your local physician to understand the exact qualifications in your state.

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Photo Credits: CBSnews

  1. Juanita Jordan
    Lucky People!

    Read this; these are lucky people. That is all I can say! I am a loyal stoner, and feel this is a great opportunity these guys have.

  2. Lonna Watson

    Good to know information about the world of weed. But for a thing which is illegal, this is a really weird fact.

  3. Anne Cox

    This is the only article that has given me the information I need. I struggled to find all these details anywhere else! Thank you for sharing and for being so insightful!

  4. David Shelton

    Would like free marijuana sent fed exes to my house please

  5. Carl Florczak

    It’s a real sin to deny people of the benefits of Cannabis. I suffer from Complex PTSD (disabled retired Police Officer who has almost ended my life due to this disorder), also I’ve had multiple spinal surgeries and continued chronic pain & muscle spasm. I’m a cancer survivor with new issues that are cropping up. I just moved from Jersey to SC, now Jersey is beginning too loosen up BUT I’m fucked down South for now. Maybe the Bill will pass here in SC soon before my life is gone. I OD’d 3 times on prescription opioids but see that’s OK. My fucking insurance has no problem with that, guess it’s cheaper for them all when they lose someone to painkillers in the end….Sorry for my sob story, guess it’s my POTHEAD scam…Assholes….

  6. Di

    I have a medical cannabis card and I have no problem with buying from a dispensery this has helped me so much the last yr

  7. Anonymous

    Getting a medical card is not going to make a bit of difference in the states that it’s not legal. I’m in a state it’s not legal. So now what????

  8. Harry S

    This is absolutely true. I knew one of the people who was getting the weed

  9. Carter

    This is fucking ridiculous! and they say it’s an illegal drug!

  10. Julie

    That is some doublestandard bullshit seems to me. If they are still supporting the program, how can they claim no scientific benefit. Does it fall under a grandfather law or some shit.

    1. Roni

      Legalize this it’s been proven there’s been medically uses for this. Frankly, not only that taxing it helps the state’s put that money to good uses like get out of debt, fund more kids educational programs, help feed and house the homeless bets and people, put towards good. What’s wrong with this this??? Oh wait it’s big brother pharmaceutical companies that keep wanting to put out harsher meds that make people like me and my body body have to shut down one organ at a time and fight our fool head off to get the meds we need cause some people out there are breaking into pharmacies and stealing the narcotics I need to function.
      Wait, mj isn’t addictive there are many strains to help with. It’s really a no brainer for your state to get out of debt, do some good with The money.
      QUIT letting these damn bleeding hearts rile what they don’t have a clause about.

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