House Bill To Remove Marijuana From Controlled Substance List
March 3, 2017

House Bill To Remove Marijuana From Controlled Substance List

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Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on March 3, 2017

Tom Garret (R-VA) announced on Monday the introduction of legislation aimed at decriminalizing cannabis at the federal level.

The short title for this legislation is cited as the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017.”

While here at we thought we were hallucinating when reading the news, the act, if passed, would take marijuana off the federal controlled substances list – joining other industries such as alcohol and tobacco.

It is important to note that, the introduction of legislation was originally introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2015.

According to Garret; “I have long believed justice that isn’t blind, isn’t justice. Statistics indicate that minor narcotics crimes disproportionately hurt areas of lower socio-economic status and what I find most troubling is that we continue to keep laws on the books that we do not enforce. Virginia is more than capable of handling its own marijuana policy, as are states such as Colorado or California.”

He further added that “this step allows states to determine appropriate medicinal use and allows for industrial hemp growth, something that will provide a major economic boost to agricultural development in Southside Virginia.”

With the Trump administration determined to crack down on the industry and opposition taking a firm stand it will be interesting to see how things play out in the weeks to come.

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  1. Diana Rogers

    I think it should be legal in all states. It has been PROVEN to be medically safe and can control nausea in Cancer patients. You need to legalize it, grade it and tax it. Illinois, for sure, would get out of the hole it is in. Maybe even be able to pass a frickin budget. Colorado has made BILLIONS!!! Open up your eyes and get with the program. As far as I know…. NO ONE has EVER overdosed on POT!!!

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