Holding In Hits; Good or Bad?
March 13, 2017

Holding In Hits; Good or Bad?

The truth revealed
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on March 13, 2017

Holding in Hits

Some of us like to smoke alone while others like to smoke in groups. Here at marijuanabreak, we like to kick back after a long day’s work and puff puff pass.

The problem is that you always get that Mr. know-it-all that says, ” you’re so lame, you didn’t hold it for long enough.”

At first, this used to get all of us annoyed, automatically wanting to prove him wrong. Basically, the whole group would enter competition mode. The winner was obviously the one that held it in the longest.

One day we decided to research the topic.

Most of us think that if we hold in our smoke for as long as we can, we are going to maximize the euphoric THC effect.

Well, unfortunately, that isn’t true and whoever sold you that bull-shit, was simply messing with ya!

The consensus of most smokers is that holding in your hit for any longer than a few seconds doesn’t really do anything. The only thing you’ll probably experience is a lack of oxygen and an increase in heart rate.

If you do decide though to hold it in, then you might experience something called “head-rush,” which is something that is caused by oxygen deprivation. It’s something you’ll feel for about 30 seconds, but it’s not something that will increase the duration of your high or increase its impact.

According to recent research, your lungs absorb the THC from the smoke in the first six seconds, so there is no real reason to hold it in longer. If you CAN reach 6 seconds, then well done. Just remember the longer you hold in the smoke, the more you are going to cough.

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  1. Liz@liz.com

    Doesn’t work. It’s fictional

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