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5 Best Marijuana Strains for Gastrointestinal Pain

Exploring alternative treatment

10 min read
Most Cancer Patients Want Medical Cannabis info, But Few Get It.

This is so sad and frustrating...

3 min read
5 of the Best Cannabis Strains for Joint Pain Relief

Finding relief in a plant...

8 min read
Science Shows How One Plant’s Oil is Helping With Pain

Revealing the true benefits of this amazing plant

3 min read
Marijuana Withdrawal: Busting all the Myths

The facts about Marijuana Withdrawal

3 min read
Will CBD Oil Cure Anxiety? [Myths vs Facts]

Research is shedding some light on CBD for anxiety

3 min read
“I got an MMJ Card for my anxiety, but the reason why will surprise you”

A patients story!

3 min read
10 Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil [Answered!]

Answers to top questions

7 min read
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