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Cannabis research, medical studies, new data, and more.

Compassionate Health Options
“I got an MMJ Card for my anxiety, but the reason why will surprise you”

A patients story!

3 min read
10 Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Oil [Answered!]

Answers to top questions

7 min read
5 Best Cannabis Strains for Parkinson’s Disease

Marijuana is the future...

10 min read
FAQ | Qualifications for Florida Medical Marijuana

All the answers in one place

3 min read
What is Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil – and How do you Make it?

The complete review

9 min read
5 Best Cannabis Strains for Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety has finally met its match

9 min read
Must Know CBD Oil Benefits

The top 5 that made our CBD oil benefits list

3 min read
5 Ways CBD Affects Your Brain That’ll Blow Your Mind

What it does and what it's good for

3 min read
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