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SunRocks [The Complete Review]

One of the strongest buds known to mankind, SunRocks is the ultimate triple-threat and provides a high like no other…

The world seems to be ever evolving, and therefore so is its marijuana community. Individuals are getting bored of the simple 10-25% THC content smokeable strains with their typically average to above average buds, and therefore are progressing in an even more creative direction.

First, it was the development of MoonRocks, the Girl Scout Cookies flowers dipped in hash oil and rolled around in fresh, powdery kief. These little babies rank in at around a 60% average THC content, but apparently this just wasn’t enough for the world of cannabis. In came the recent development of an even more extreme form of MoonRocks, known to the public as SunRocks.

SunRocks is not technically a strain and does not traditionally need to be created with just one type of cannabis, but there is a process to making these power-packed nuggets which will be clearly explained in the next section. SunRocks are extremely medicinal and rank in at even higher numbers than MoonRocks, but it is not for the mild of mind or for those who are particularly sensitive to THC and the sometimes adverse effects that arise from the overconsumption of this cannabis component. If you have even experienced eating strong edibles, consuming SunRocks will be even more intense than that, so be ready to take a journey beyond what you may be expecting.

SunRocks are not for everyone- In fact, few actually dare to try them, including the marijuana master himself, Snoop Dogg. In numerous interviews, Snoop has reported saying that he is afraid to mess with these potent “stones”.

He even noticed the development of THC percentages over time stating, “once the growers started to think about the THC level was what induces the high, it would be like 15 percent THC, 20 percent at the most. These fools with the MoonRock went to 60 percent THC. Sun Rocks went to 80 percent!”

Will you be one of the brave ones that can take on the challenge of SunRocks? Keep reading to find out if you are truly up to the challenge…

What Are SunRocks?:

Earlier in the intro you learned how MoonRocks are produced. The process of SunRocks is somewhat similar, but they are a difficult bunch to create on your own without the assistance of a professional or someone who is qualified within the world of cannabis. This is because SunRocks are typically the combination of a potent marijuana strain, most often some type of OG, coated in sticky and resinous wax concentrate and then rolled in powdery kief as the “icing on the cake”, so to speak. Sounds intense right? It definitely is.

There are no official rules for what kind of cannabis you must use for the concentrate, kief or bud itself, but typically the combination of three OG strains is utilized to pack the biggest punch, provide the user with the strongest experience possible and obtain the most medical benefits for medical marijuana patients who are relying on these rocks for relief.

If MoonRocks rank in at 60% THC and SunRocks are reported to be even more potent, can you guess the average THC content of these bright and sticky babies? A whooping 80% THC content… Impressive? We know. Astounding? Absolutely. The potency of these stoney rocks is so extreme that we are left wondering if SunRocks are even a creation from planet Earth, or if they’ve been beamed down for our enjoyment from some strange, alien planet in outer space.

SunRocks aren’t currently widely accessible for purchase, but two California based producers Apollo Sun Rocks and Big Tray Dee are offering their versions of these rocks to the public. SunRocks do not come at a small price, however, typically being sold for $550.00 per ounce and $25.00 or more for a single gram; these prices are about double that of most traditional cannabis buds when considering typical California state prices, but considering that you get more than double the amount of THC with a little going a long way, it might be worth the financial splurge.

Big Tray Dee’s SunRocks are typically more potent than those made from Apollo, as they are produced with King Louie OG, coated with a layer of concentrate, then brushed with a dusting of kief.

SunRocks Aroma, Flavor and Appearance:

The aroma and flavor of SunRocks heavily depends upon the company that is producing them, as well as the types of strains they used for the final product. The traditional SunRock made with OG has an extremely pungent initial aroma, with herbal, piney and earthy undertones, which is classic of an OG strain.

The flavor is intense and the smoke can be quite harsh with this triple-threat combination of bud, concentrate and kief. SunRocks can induce a heavy onset of coughing and might feel like shards just hit your throat, but this will all be worth it once the high itself creeps on. Drinking plenty of water after smoking this stuff is important, because it will help to soothe an aching throat or mouth.

Appearance-wise, this is where SunRocks really stand out. They are absolutely beautiful and glisten immensely under the light. Between voluminous green buds and brassy orange pistils that are already frosty to begin with, you’ll witness sticky amber and yellow webs of the concentrate stretching amongst the calyxes. It doesn’t just stop there- these glimmering gems are then coated in a dusty green and yellow layer of kief.

When these three dynamics are combined, it makes for a brilliantly aesthetically pleasing experience. Due to the out of this world stickiness of SunRocks, do not try to break them down in a grinder. Using a grinder will only waste the product and strip down some of the potent concentrate and kief, which you will want to savor every crumb of. It is best to use your fingers (if you can) or scissors to prepare SunRocks for smoking, but have some alcohol nearby to clean up afterwards; SunRocks are by far one of the stickiest bud based cannabis products on the market and you don’t want to be getting stuck like glue to everything you touch for the rest of the day.

SunRocks Effects:

By far, the high that comes from SunRocks is something you will have never experienced before, only if you have tried an extremely powerful concentrate, and even then it is a bit different. Just imagine how high you can get from a few puffs of a strong OG strain, then add in the high from a wax plus a bit of kief on top. The three combined make an insane triple-threat combination, and it is hard to even describe the extent of these effects. SunRocks could very much knock you out, but they also hold the ability to relax the body and mind and produce somewhat of a melting sensation.

Do not expect to be productive with SunRocks; chances are you will sink into the couch and not want to get up until hours and hours later once the high has worn off. This might take a while, because the high from SunRocks lasts much longer than that of traditional buds. SunRocks are sure to bend your mind and make you feel like you’re in some euphoric dream. It can be easy to lose touch with reality because you are so high and out of your body, therefore it is best to share SunRocks with others because consuming an entire bud alone might not be the best idea due to the extreme potency. An entire SunRock for one could become an overwhelming sensation, so start small and build up from there if you are someone with a high tolerance for THC and marijuana.

Medical Benefits of SunRocks:

Due to its mind-blowing ability to relax and numb the body, SunRocks are ideal for medical patients who are searching for ways to manage their chronic pain, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, arthritis or any other body aches and pains.

SunRocks might not be suitable for mood disorders or other mental conditions, but they could assist with calming down hyperactivity, stress, insomnia or lack of appetite.

The dose of this cannabis is so strong to begin with, it is always a smart idea to start with small quantities and then build from there if you feel it is necessary. It is a difficult task to microdose a SunRock, so expect to be pretty high even if you just take one hit. What else could be expected from an 80% THC content substance?

Possible Negative Side Effects of SunRocks:

As with all high THC cannabis products or strain types, there is some risk of negative side effects occurring. Those who are naturally sensitive to THC might want to avoid SunRocks because their extreme THC content could produce uncomfortable paranoia or increased anxiety.

Dry mouth and dry, red eyes are quite common and expected after the consumption of SunRocks, but can be managed with extra preparation and planning. Drinking plenty of water or another hydrating fluid is essential with this marijuana, and it can also decrease the possibility for dehydration, headaches or feelings of grogginess the next morning.

Diminish red or dry eyes by purchasing moisturizing eye drops ahead of time and applying them when you feel the discomfort is beginning to onset. All in all, if you are someone who is not sensitive to the effects of high quantities of THC, then you should give SunRocks a go because their benefits are bountiful.

Final Thoughts:

SunRocks may not be something to consume on a regular basis due to the potency, price and other factors, but it is an incredible life experience and might be one that is worth trying now and then. SunRocks are particularly medicinally beneficial, especially if you are searching for an alternative to conventional medications that can assist with chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, insomnia, lack of appetite, arthritis, stress and hyperactivity.

We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.