Growing Part 13

The best info for quality flower and great yields.

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Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds [Guide]

Understand the process!

10 min read
5 Things You Can Do With Your Male Cannabis Plants

Waste not, want not!

3 min read
When is the Exact Time to Harvest Cannabis Plants?

Know what to look for!

3 min read
Growing Cannabis? These Are the Best Nutrients

Know which ones to use!

3 min read
8 Tips for Growing Blue Dream Cannabis: Grower’s Guide

Grow like a pro!

3 min read
How to Keep Your Cannabis Grows Healthy and Virus-Free

Important information for every weed grower.

3 min read
How to Dry Cannabis Flower [The RIGHT Way…]

Do it right!!

3 min read
British Columbia: Why Some of the Best Strains Are Grown There

What makes it special?

3 min read
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