Wonder Bar One, Amsterdam | Review
November 6, 2016

Wonder Bar One, Amsterdam | Review

Amsterdam, cannabis-friendly bar
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 6, 2016
+3 16 1-244-1052 www.wonderbar.nu

Wonder Bar One in central Amsterdam is a pretty crazy place. It’s one of three ‘Wonder Bars’ in the city – there’s Wonder Bar One, Wonder Bar Two, and the Wonder Bar Lounge. They don’t actually sell any weed, but you’re welcome to bring your own herb that you purchased from one of the coffeeshops nearby, have a plop on one of the comfy stoner sofas, and blast off to whatever chill music they’ve got playing in the background.

The idea of the place, we assume, is to be the ultimate chill-out spot; it’s crazily decked out with a deep-space astro-deco that after a few bowls of quality ‘Dam herb, may have you wondering if you were beamed up by Scotty and dropped off at Space Mountain in Orlando Florida. However, you’ll soon be brought back to reality by the swarm of ultra-cool, hip, multinational youths that are speaking in lots of different languages – none of which you understand.

Highlights: Wonder Bar One, Central Amsterdam

  • Full Shisha lounge – if you’re not into herb, relax and get your steam buzz on with some fine quality Sheesh and an array of mind-bogglingly cool pipes
  • Full alcohol/cocktail bar. We’ve never really understood the draw of drinking while smoking weed, but if you’re one of those people who joneses for a kiwi martini after smashing a bowl of Diesel-ultra, then it’s there.
  • Full menu of awesome food – anything from Lebanese couscous varieties to Manhattan-style deli sandwiches, Wonder Bar One has got some seriously good options for chowing down when the munchies settle in. Be prepared to drop a few dollars (euros, rather) though.

In all, the place really is a very cool stop to check out on your Amsterdam chill-cation. They’ve always got some mind-blowing music rolling in the background, and you’ll be sure to meet a new friend or two to exchange hits with on the stoner sofas.

It’s places like these where the best travel memories are made; the old buildings, museums, architecture, and the like will always be there to look at in your photographs, but when you’re hanging out with your best buds back home, it’s times like getting stoned in a chill-bar in downtown Amsterdam that’ll bear the brunt of your fondest recollections.


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