Grey Area Coffeeshop | Review
July 25, 2016

Grey Area Coffeeshop | Review

Grey Area Coffeeshop Amsterdam
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 25, 2016
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Grey Area Coffee Shop is an exciting weed bar located in Amsterdam. The bar has great food, great service, and is a wonderful place to kick back and relax. The coffee shop has been open for over fifteen years, and promises positive experiences to all who come in! The coffee shop is open and welcoming to everyone, and even provides a variety of bongs and other materials that you might need to enjoy marijuana while you interact with friends.

Grey Area Coffee Shop is a highly popular location in Amsterdam, especially for celebrities who are passing through. In fact, the coffee shop has been a winner of the Cannabis Cup for quite a few years!

Key Features:

  • Very friendly weed bar
  • Large menu with many different varieties
  • Regular events and music

Located a three minute walk away from the Amsterdam Dam Square, there is plenty for those who fancy a nice walk after spending some time at the bar. The Singel Canal is close by as well, providing those who wish for a scenic walk at any time of the year the ability to enjoy the scenery.

Those stopping into the weed bar for a great smoke can choose from the weed menu, which has many different varieties for you to try! Experience something new or go for an old favorite – the choice is up to you! So stop in, relax, and have an enjoyable afternoon or evening at one of Amsterdam’s most famous weed bars!

1 review
  1. Ray

    The coffee shop had such a wide variety of weed choices, I didn’t know what to try! I did end up going with an old favorite, but will be back to try something different next time!

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