Cafe Batavia | Review
July 21, 2016

Cafe Batavia | Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 21, 2016
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Cafe Batavia is an upscale cannabis café located in Amsterdam near Central Station. The café not only has a great location, but is known all over the world for it’s delicious food, great drinks, amazing atmosphere, and the fact that it is cannabis friendly!

The atmosphere at the café is simply wonderful, with a slight 1920’s feel and attention to detail. There are three different rooms in the café, including the main bar, which is where you order your food and drinks, watch one of the tv screens available, and order one of many beers offered here. Next is the smoking room, which provides visitors with a beautiful view, and Room 5, which is a space reserved for parties, events, games, and tournaments. The room also has mood lighting and DJ equipment, so it’s a wonderful place to host your next party!

Cafe Batavia offers a few different regular activities, which are typically hosted in Room 5. Chess is a big deal at the café, and tournaments are hosted here quite often. Another activity hosted by Cafe Batavia is a club for the game Go, which is a very old Chinese board game. What better way to spend an afternoon than having drinks and playing a game with some close friends?

The café has a delightful menu, with all-day breakfast, sandwiches, snacks, burgers, desserts, and main dishes. Specials are served regularly – either a daily special or those served only on Sundays.

Cafe Batavia is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon or an evening, and the beautiful views make it even more enticing. This cannabis café has friendly staff and an enjoyable atmosphere that will make you want to come back again!

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  1. Crystal

    Not only was the food here amazing, but the staff are so friendly! The views in the smoking room were breathtaking! My visit here was such a relaxing experience! I’ll definitely be back here again.

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