Amsterdam Cafe | Review
October 9, 2016

Amsterdam Cafe | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 9, 2016
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It’s quite obvious where Amsterdam Cafe on Denver’s south side gets its inspiration from; our trendy, forward-thinking Euro pals over on the other side of the pond.

It’s certainly not a bad reference to draw from, either – after all, the Netherlands has got decades more experience than us here in the US when it comes to legalized pot shops. Not to mention, even with legalization here across several states, Amsterdam continues to be a hot-bed for traveling greenthumbs. After all, you really just can’t beat that old world European romance and charm.

We will say that we admit to be relatively big fans of Denver’s Amsterdam Cafe.

Aside from the name, however, the dispensary doesn’t appear too hard-pressed to directly mimic those infamous European coffeeshops. That being said, it’s got a vibe going on that in all honesty is pretty original and pretty unique to itself.

If someone walked you into the shop blindfolded and asked you to identify your whereabouts only after entering, you wouldn’t be decried for guessing you were in anything from an antique shop, to an art gallery, to an outpatient eye clinic. The place is decorated with everything from trendy art, to state licensing certificates, to big, fancy, scientific-looking scales and magnifying glasses on the countertops. There’s no ‘303’ or ‘720’ gimmicks, no hip-hop urban art tags, and no 60’s psychedelic murals painted on the walls; it’s just an ultra clean, cool, stylish, and unique Denver pot dispensary.

Highlights: Amsterdam Cafe, Denver

  • Medical and recreational sales
  • Relatively new dispensary (opened in December 2015), so you can still expect to find some decent prices and promotions as the shop looks to earn clientele in the neighborhood
  • Full range of cannabis product including indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, edibles, topicals, extracts/concentrates, as well as accessories

Oh, and we’ll mention one more thing – Amsterdam Cafe holds some top-notch, serious quality bud.

It’s funny, you’d think that with the legalization/taxation most of the pot dispensaries in a given region would sell pretty similar-quality product, but that’s not really the case throughout Denver. We will say though that you’ll find some top-notch flower and concentrates in Amsterdam Cafe – you can be rest assured of that.

The dispensary is located at 1325 S. Indica St, just a block north of Ruby Hill/Overland Pond Parks, in-between the Platt Park and Ruby Hill neighborhoods on the Denver’s cool, spacious southside.

Amsterdam Cafe, Denver | 1325 South Inca Street, Suite A Denver, CO 80223

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