Abraxas CoffeeShop Amsterdam | The Complete Review
June 12, 2016

Abraxas CoffeeShop Amsterdam | The Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 12, 2016
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The name Abraxas originally derives from a classic children’s story; The Little Witch by Otfried Preußler (1961). In this children’s book the little witch and her loyal talking raven called Abraxas shared adventures. Abraxas was the little witch’s loyal companion.

Ok, enough with us rambling on… If you’re in Amsterdam and haven’t yet been to Abraxas then you don’t know what you are missing. When opening this coffee shop the owner had one thing in mind – to create a peaceful and beautiful place, where people could come together to talk, laugh, enjoy and feel safe. Exactly like in the classic children’s story.

Originally starting off as a night bar, the shop then transformed into a legendary hotspot for high-quality products, friendly customer service and a stunningly beautiful interior.

Abraxas CoffeeShop Highlights

  • The Abraxas menu will make you think twice about what you are going to order. You know that feeling, when you want to order so many things and can’t decide which one to go for?
    The brownies are great and if you are looking for more intense stuff just ask the waiters.
  • Prices are fair and if you order a few different things we promise you that you are not going to have to take a mortgage. They offer a wide range of hash pipes, rolled joints and bags are also available.
  • This CoffeeShop is one of the oldies. They have been around since 1992. They also offer free internet stations.

In terms of aesthetics this was by far, one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It’s in the centre but on a side street so away from the hustle and bustle. You can actually find it right off of Spuistraat. The number 5 tram will get you there easily. Everything about the place had a cozy and chilled vibe. It’s got two floors, the spiral staircase is steep but the staff will waiter your every order – just remember that if you are sitting on the second floor you are going to have to climb back down baked.

From what we saw the menu had a large variety of products and they were all decently priced. You can pick up a gram of weed for less than 12 Euros. Pre-rolled Weed Joints run for about 5 Euro (Sativa or Indica). Hash is around 10 Euros.

Final Thoughts About Abraxas CoffeeShop Amsterdam

If you are looking for a truly classic Amsterdam Experience with a slight buzz, pass by the Abraxas Shop, it’s packed with cool products including gifts, seeds, t-shirts, hemp and smoking accessories. Even if you just want to chill in a great place with an amazing atmosphere then this is the place to go. It’s a great place for first-timers.

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